The Rise and Rise of Group Training, F45

Group training concept F45 is the most successful fitness model in the world and it’s on the rise.

It is the largest and fastest growing functioning training network in the world, and the fourth fastest growing franchise in the world, and it started in Paddington almost four years ago.

There are even people calling it a cult.

There are already 900 franchises in different locations in the world including the UK, US, South Africa and Asia – and more on the way. And all after just 3.5 years.

The concept has evolved to much more than simply a 45 minute circuit training class, with TV screens, and now an online 8 week nutrition program to go with the classes to ensure everyone gets results.

Paddington Trainer Alicia Vincent explains: “Our objective is to create a lean look for our clients rather than big traps or muscly legs. It is total body training, and it’s all over in 45 minutes, so it is quick.

“Most of the studios offer a 2 week free trial period, and within that 2 weeks , people notice changes, whether that’s more energy or better sleep.

“After four weeks, people around them start noticing changes. We recommend three months for full life changes and I have seen those take place so many times.”

They’ve recently introduced the 45 Challenge which includes a full nutrition program sent daily in an app, so you can really monitor your health and your body’s transformation.

“The F45 challenge includes a full nutrition program over 8 weeks which guarantees results. We have 60 people on it in Paddington at the moment, and another program end of January,” Leesh explains.

This may not be the cheapest fitness program around, at around $60 a week for unlimited training, but it is a fitness program that works. But like everything, you have to take the first step, and then you have to commit.

I am taking the challenge so will let you know next year how I go.

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