Giving back

At Bondi Beauty we have a focus on giving back.


Supporting Australian women is an integral part of our DNA.


We do this in two ways.


We have an internship program that has been in place for 8 years.


Renae has mentored over 96 young women, and supported them to work in digital, tech and traditional media.


The women complete yet internship whilst studying and are offered the opportunity to be mentored in every aspect of online media including managing social media platforms, analytics, data management, affiliate marketing, monetising online businesses, video editing, writing for online and more.


“Throughout the internship I felt Renae’s support and guidance not only for my short-term goals but also for my big crazy dreams. It was so refreshing to have a mentor that I felt was truly in my corner, and I see her in all her intern’s corners. She pushes us to explore new tech skills that we might shy away from and to dive into roles we might be unfamiliar with.”  – Claudia Remedios.


“Interning at Bondi Beauty taught me so much about the industry and what is expected of you, and your advice and guidance set me up in the best possible way to go after my dream job. You are such an incredible mentor and an even more incredible woman,”  – Milly Haddrick.


The 2020 pandemic brought a great opportunity to review the ways we as a business give back to the community.


Through her work on Renae recognised the airport was stashed with food and beauty products not being sold in May 2020 as travel was restricted in Australia for two years and there were no shoppers in the airport.


She approached Richard Goodman, Managing Director at Heinemann Australia, the company that owns the duty free stores at Sydney airport.


Over several weeks with the help of volunteers from St Mark’s Darlinghurst, as well as Heinemann they managed to have access to the entire duty free floor at Sydney airport, and delivered over $30,000 in European chocolates, nuts, designer fragrances and beauty products to Sydney’s Homeless, The Girls and Boys Brigade, Wayside Chapel, Anglicare,


“It was far more work than I anticipated and more rewarding than I ever could have imagined, The logistics were complex as there were so many palettes of goods and they had to be delivered all over Sydney to help people in need.” Renae said.


“It put me at the coal face of homelessness in Sydney and I confronted the reality of how tough life is for so many, but how meaningful a small beauty product can be.”


Seeing a need for cosmetics companies to re-ditribute almost out of date products and for women to receive cosmetics and skincare products, Renae then approached Cosmax in 2021.


At that time, Cosmax donated $20,000 in designer fragrances which Renae arranged to have delivered to women in need at North Bondi Cottage, Dress For Success, and Rough Edges.


“Lack of money is a sad reality for these ladies who not only cannot afford clothing but also accessories, like cosmetics and perfume. One of our clients, not pictured, did not have enough money for public transport so when she arrived here, to find she also gets this gift from Kenzo makes them smile from ear to ear with confidence, makes them feel feminine and loved, valued and cared for.


The transition is quick from entrance into the showroom, very shy and reserved to when they leave, outgoing, cant stop looking in the mirror and very talkative – they trust Dress for Success choose the right partners to support them getting ready for the future”.  – From Dress for Success.


In 2021, French hair products were distributed to women in need.

If you have products to donate to those in need, please contact us using the contact form below.