Black Nail Trends to Die For

The best black nail trends

Channel your inner Wednesday Addams, with these black nail trends that are to die for.

Wednesday has been the hottest show on Netflix for this year and we’ve seen her rock some of the coolest nail styles throughout the series.

Winter is also at its peak, and what better than to show off black nails than channeling the coolest character of 2023, Wednesday Addams?

Black nails are all over Sydney and Melbourne right now.

Here are some of the best black nail ideas to try this winter.

Checkerboard nails

Checkerboard nail Photo of two hands, nails are coloured as checkboard.
Image courtesy of Pinterest account by Rachael Tench.

No longer restricted to board games or the famous Vans pattern, the checkboard nail has been a trend for the past few years and is still something to try.

To achieve this look, at Bondi Beauty, we recommend investing in nail art tools, brushes, and press-on nails. The best part about checkerboard nails is that you can experiment with style. Try painting your whole nail or even checkboard French tips.

Achieve this look with Paintlab Checkmate Press on Nails at Sephora.

3D Black nails

Manicure of 3D black nails.
Image courtesy of Pinterest account by culturamanicura.

One of the hottest trends at the moment is 3D nails, and what better to achieve the trendy Wednesday Addams vibes than 3D black nails? This technique often requires stick-on acrylic nails or professional work to keep your nails safe and healthy from harsh chemicals used to achieve the look. Start with a clear coat and apply some edgy black details or even a black base with silver accents like the picture below.

Achieve this look with Hoary and Black Chrome Style Press On Nails on Etsy.

Aura nails

Black Aura Nail. Hand with nails that look like a black aura with rings on each finger.
Image courtesy of Pinterest account by Marianna Socratous.

A similar process to achieving that ombrè nail, the aura nails, is simply applying a slight drop in a circular shape and pressing down gently onto each nail. Go for either a simple black colour or even a black metallic as the base coat, and pair it with a colour of your choice to give the appearance of an aura.

Achieve this look with Black Aura Nails Press on Set on Etsy.

Black and Silver Stars nails

Black painted nails with silver star on pointer and pinky finger.
Image courtesy of Pinterest account by v!.

What better colour to pair with black than traditional silver which is the hottest colour in Europe right now? Nail art and graphics are rising in popularity, and stars are classics that will stay stylish forever.

At Bondi Beauty, we recommend starting with a black base and using a nail brush to paint a silver star over most of the nails. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Jenna Ortega style these in the next season of Wednesday.

Achieve this look with W7 Nail Polish 92 Silver Mirror – Silver.

Black French tip

Nails that are painted clear and then black on the end of the fingernails
Image courtesy of Pinterest account by Halia.

Returning to the traditional nail art routes, black French tip is a chic take on Wednesday Addams-inspired nails.

This is one of the most classic nail ideas you could try. It is cool, stylish and straightforward. If a traditional French tip is your usual choice at the nail salon, here is a simple way to elevate your nail look by just swapping the white French out for a black colour.

Achieve this look with the Essie Nail Polish in Licorice – Classic Black at Mecca.

Rhinestone black

Nails with black french tip and rhinestones all around the nail.
Image courtesy of Pinterest account by sunromi.

Rhinestone black is as simple as plain black nail polish, but it helps elevate any nail look by adding rhinestones.

There are different ways to achieve this stunning look. Add one simple rhinestone to the top of each nail for the simplest of looks. Or even a line of rhinestones down the nail is a chic way of achieving this look.

Achieve this look with Shape Nail Rhinestones Tray at NSI Nails Australia.

Celestial nails

Celestial black painted nails.
Image courtesy of Pinterest account by maratnikola.

With either a black base or black accessories, the hottest nails of 2023 are celestial nails. Accessories a base of your choice with black nail stickers in the shapes of sparkles, stars and moons. This is one of the easiest to achieve at home; all you need is a base, star nail stickers, and a topcoat, and you’re done.

Achieve this look with Stick Together Nail Stickers – Celestial Silver from Sportsgirl.

Matte black

Matte black with shiny tips custom press on nails
Image courtesy of Pinterest account by Maria.

Matte black nails will never go out of style. Matte black is the perfect choice for making an edgy, moody, trendy statement. It has been a nail trend for years and is still a vibe.

Matte black is a versatile nail look; you can do fully matte black, half matte, half shiny or even any previous looks changing the polished base to matte black. It’s the perfect base for other trendy nail designs but still perfect by itself.

Achieve this look with OPI Matte Top Coat from Adore Beauty.

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