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The Best Hair Trends To Come Out Of 2020

Whether you’ve DIY’d mermaid waves with a straightener or grabbed the kitchen scissors to cut yourself some curtain bangs, we are all guilty of wanting at least one of 2020’s most iconic hair trends. Some hair trends were born from Tik Tok, others were re-birthed out of lockdown boredom, either way there have been some […]

How To Recycle Your Shampoo Bottles In Minutes

Schwarzkopf have introduced an amazing program to recycle all brands of hair care products in an attempt to reduce landfill. On average, it takes a shampoo bottle a whopping 70 to 450 years to decompose. Beaches around the world are littered with plastic pollution, and have become a graphic manifestation of our choice to opt […]

Advice From A Professional: How To Heal Damaged Hair

From dealing with the aftermath of cheap box-dyes to uneven at-home haircuts, country hairdresser Rose Cain, reveals how you can reverse the damage of your crazy iso-hair decisions.  With the boredom of being stuck at home during lockdown, people were driven to make crazy hair decisions. Their thought-process was that if they ended up looking […]

Products For Healthy, Glossy Hair (Road Tested By Us).

When it comes to healthy, glossy hair it is important to pay attention to your scalp needs as well as your hair needs. The Bondi Beauty team have road-tested four amazing new products that have visibly changed our hair for the better. From product build up to dandruff, there are a multitude of hair shampoos […]

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