So you’ve decided to start going to the gym, but you’re nervous and unsure what to expect

Fear no more, here are some hot tips and tricks to get you workout ready in no time.

1) What to wear

Don’t feel silly for asking this question.

You don’t have to go out and dish out hundreds at Lulu or Nike for your first gym visit, wear clothing that allows for full range of motion and you are comfortable in. Follow these quick tips:

  • Sports bras: wear something with adequate support for your size and shape
  • Tights and shorts: do the bend over test to make sure a) tights aren’t see through or b) shorts are too short (opt for shorts with an underlay)
  • Shoes: invest in shoes that are supportive and you could comfortably run or jump in. Many shoes on the market are for Athleisure and aren’t functional for gym training (Nike Metcons are my go-to)

2) Gym etiquette

  • Bring a towel & use it: there is nothing wrong with sweating it out at the gym. However, there is everything wrong when someone doesn’t wipe up after themselves, don’t be that girl.
  • Put things away when you are done: Super simple, once you’re finished with weights, a med-ball or even a mat, make sure you pop it back where you got it.
  • Ask your turn: if you aren’t sure someone is finished with equipment or a machine, don’t be afraid to ask.

3) Start with a class

I always recommend newbies to start with a class rather than flying solo on their first couple of visits. This is because you learn proper technique under the guidance of the trainer but you also are surrounded by people that were beginners once too. Classes are also a great way of getting ideas of what to incorporate into your own sessions when you want to start training on your own.

4) Get a trainer

Many gyms offer a free introductory session with a trainer to get a program or introduce the equipment. Inquire when signing up or ask at reception to see what services are offered specifically for beginners. Even just one session with a personal trainer can point you in the right direction based on your goals and what you want to get out of your workouts.

5) Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Many gyms employ trainers outside their one-on-one sessions to walk around the gym floor and help. Not sure how to use something or how many reps to do? Ask at reception or a trainer if there is one floating around, they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Chloe Loukes

Chloe is a personal trainer, marketing student and resident country girl who moved to Sydney from Bathurst NSW. Chloe loves shoes, has a passion for functional training and ventures to try a new brunch spot every Sunday.

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