At Bondi Beauty, we bring you the essence of Bondi, which is health, fitness and beauty.

We are an online beauty, health and lifestyle platform for Australian women who dig avocado toast, all day fitness gear and beach waves (in their hair as well as on the sand). Bondi Beauty is about connecting you, our reader with the the mindset and lifestyle of Bondi.


One of Australia’s most iconic Beaches, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.


The quality or present in a thing or person, that gives intense     pleasure to the mind, whether arising from manifestations (the colour, shape, sound) of a meaningful design or pattern, or something else.

Who we are

Thank you for joining our Bondi Beauty (BB) World.

Since 2003, we have been bringing the best of Bondi to Australia women, through a carefully curated selection of sparkling sustainable products, slick vegan skincare,  affordable beauty products, compelling personal stories, dynamite fitness inspo, and mind blowing meditation retreats.


We feature beauty products that give the natural, Bondi Beauty look and feel regardless of where you are in the world or even where you are at within yourself.


Our team are young, ambitious and creative. They come to life creating stories, posts and engaging you in their latest passions and findings.


Bondi is a source of inspiration, calm, freedom and hope for Australians. Any day of the week hundreds pack the coast to meditate, swim, surf, and eat healthy food and be inspired to live life to the full. To live in Bondi costs a small fortune, but you don’t need to live there to experience Bondi every day. You can have a daily taste of right here.

Our Audience:

Our readers are affluent Australian women aged between 18-35 and aspire to live sustainably, thrive, live their best life  and find happiness. Now more than ever, they know health and happiness is important.


They are obsessed with natural beauty, heathy, sustainable eating, including low or no alcohol drinks, low sugar recipes, fashion conscious active wear that looks hot and works and luxe fragrances, and brands that tell a story.


From feathered eyebrows to lipsticks that last, and chemical free shampoo and conditioner, our readers write to us asking for honest reviews and feedback about how and where to spend their money.

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Advertising policy

In accordance with the Australian Press Council Policy, Any branded content, created in partnership with advertisers, is clearly marked as such at the bottom of the article.


In addition, within lifestyle content, we occasionally include affiliate links, which means we collect a small percentage of the sales price if a reader purchases an item using the link.

About Renae:

Renae founded Bondi Beauty when working at one of Australia’s largest magazine publishers and recognising magazine readerships were going down, and online readership was going up.


She has always loved fitness, health and beauty, so giving birth to Bondi Beauty was considerably easier than given birth to her twin children which happened around the same time.


Renae’s passion for travel surfaced as her children grew, but no matter how far or how wide she roams, she still calls Bondi home and remains an integral part of Bondi Beauty.

  1. Hi there

    Hope this email finds you well. By a means of introduction my name is Becky & I head up the social & events committee at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club. A big ambition for the club post pandemic this year is to give more back to our volunteers in means of social events. I am organising over a dozen events over the coming months and we are seeking local businesses who would like to participate in our monthly raffles for our volunteers. We are expecting between 100-200 members to attend our monthly get togethers where we are putting on live music (acoustic sunset sessions + DJ into the evenings). Our members love raffles and to be honest I think we can do better than the old meat pack. We love Bondi Beauty’s products and think a partnership with North Bondi Surf Life Saving is a good match!

    I would love to chat with somebody about how we could potentially partner with Bondi Beauty & their products for our raffles to help drive very important dollars for our club. All 2000 North Bondi volunteers will be putting in relentless volunteer hours between September-April. Our club is our home & where we facilitate all of our training, our raffles help keep the club going and keep it open so we can keep the Bondi community safe in the water over the summer period.

    Would Bondi Beauty be open to a discussion on how we could partner together over the summer period?

    Many thanks, Becky

    Becky Penn
    NBSLSC Social Committee
    m. 0424 440 633

    1. Becky if you check our site we do not sell anything 🙂

      The only thing we could do is cover some of your social events, but you would need to provide all copy, imagery and image labels?

      Let me know if that is of interest? Thank you

  2. Hey Admin,

    I hope you are well!

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    Our internal writing team will be creating the article exclusively for your website and we are happy for you to modify this or if you prefer, you can write the content yourselves.

    Would you be interested in this collaboration? Please get back in touch so we can discuss the details in more depth as well as the payment.

    Kind Regards,

    Shivam jaiswal

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