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How To Master Kylie Jenner’s Rainbow Manicure

Rainbow nails have become the hottest style-craze of the season, so much so, that the infamous trend-setting Kylie Jenner is sporting them too. With Winter approaching and the days getting gloomier, bright, multi-coloured nails are popping up all over Instagram.   From block colours to rainbow French tips, this is your ultimate guide to a flawless […]

How To Keep Your Nails Looking Glam In Self Isolation

A fresh set of nails, much like a pair of stylish hoop earrings, are a must-have accessory to add dimension to any look, but what do you do if all your favourite nail salons are shut? With a lockdown in place, we are left to our own devices when it comes to self-grooming and maintenance.  […]

Forget Moody Nail Colours for Autumn – Wear Lime Green Instead

These are the only nail colours worth wearing for Autumn 2020. Instead of hitting up the predictable shades of moody nail shades like burgundy, deep purples, blues and blacks, check out the below trending nail colours for Autumn, which are sure to add a little more spice to your look. These five essential nail colours […]

The Spring Nail Trend You Won’t Want To Miss

Spring is fast approaching, so it’s time to revitalise those nails and get ahead of the mani-pedi trends for the upcoming season. Transitioning from Winter, the trends are going to be looking a lot darker and moody. Sombre shades like navy, mauve and maroon will set the tone as you switch up those thigh high […]

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