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Why Minimalism Will Change Your Life (Including the Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe)

Famously practiced by the late Steve Jobs among other celebrities including Keanu Reeves and Julia Roberts, Minimalism is the lifestyle trend that allows you to live with intention (and with less). Whether you heard about it through The Minimalists, Marie Kondo, or if this is the first time, Minimalism is a lifestyle trend that has […]

Did You Know 90% of Relationships Before 30 Don’t Work Out?

It’s difficult to hear the statistic that 90% of relationships started before the age of 30 do in fact end. It’s a gut-wrenching fact that can makes people turn to their partners and think hard about their relationships the probability of becoming that very statistic. In modern society, there is more pressure than ever on […]

Camping Can Be The Best Self-Development

There is a solid argument for why a camping trip could change your life, and your relationship with your friends

4 of the Best Pet Meal Delivery Services

Meals for pets are now being offered through delivery services to optimise convenience and deliver a well-balanced diet for your dog or cat. Food delivery services have worked brilliantly during the pandemic to alleviate the stress of creating fast, tasty and healthy dinner options. Pet owners can now make use of the same types of […]

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