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How to Start Your Own Beauty Brand

We chat with the founder of Aussie natural skincare brand SEEH on what inspired her to start her own beauty brand and how you can start one too. Sophie Hansson was born and raised in Tasmania. She now lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband, their rascal cat Oscar, and are expecting their first […]

The Best Books To Help You Figure Out Your 20s.

Struggling to navigate your 20s? These books will enlighten and help you. Muddling through your 20s is a tricky feat. Luckily there are some brilliant minds who have penned their thoughts, feelings and experiences to paper. The Bondi Beauty team have come up with their favourite books that helped and are helping guide them through […]

How To Break Into The Australian Modelling Industry.

Are you Australia’s next top model? Here at Bondi Beauty, we’re all about beauty inside and out, and after my recent chat with Aussie model and social media guru, Jess Norbury, it seems we’ve found our motto personified. Jess Norbury is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, model, health and wellbeing advocate and podcaster. At the […]

How The Energy Of Crystals Can Transform Your Home

Melbourne-based crystal specialist and founder of Stoned Crystals talks about the life changing power of crystals. Crystals can add a magical ambience into any space, with their aesthetic appeal as home décor items, their undeniable sparkle and shine is both charming and pretty. Crystals are a special kind of solid material where the molecules fit […]

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