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So It’s Veganuary – But What Exactly Is It?

There has never been a better time to go vegan in Veganuary for January.

The Man Giving Aussie Women Their Best Orgasms

This is not a drill. There is now a shot that helps women reach orgasm, and we’ve spoken to one of the only Aussie doctors accredited to give it. Dr Mike Shenouda is one of a handful of accredited doctors in Australia to perform the shots, practising in Sydney and the Gold Coast. In this Q&A Dr Mike […]

Detox the Healthy Way – With Food & Fitness

National Fitness Manager of Genesis Health & Fitness, Sam Merza explains the right way to detox after a month of festive eating and celebrating.

Best Relationship Advice Ever

You’ve probably had your fair share of bad relationship advice. Here the Bondi Beauty team pass on the best advice they’ve received. Relationship advice is given out constantly, and there are times when it is just not what you want to hear. The Bondi Beauty team has come together to give you the best relationship […]

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