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New York On A Plate: Local restaurants you will love, NYC.

The highlight of a visit to New York us undoubtedly the restaurants. From cute locals to full blown Michelin star restaurants, everything is on offer. This is by no means the best list, but these are simply some of my favourites I discovered during a recent trip. Estela – Nolita Estela is renowned for thoughtfully […]

5 Ways to Minimise Stress On Your Next Holiday

Holidays are supposed to be about relaxation and good vibes, but they can be stressful. Many things throw a spanner in the works on a holiday, disturbing your serenity. And whilst we can’t always predict when bad things might happen, we can take a few necessary precautions and plans to ensure the chances of bad […]

Revitalise Your Life With Tea (it’s a cheap & easy way to feel good).

Different teas have different effects on the body, and if you don’t like drinking tea, you can cook with it! Tea is an easy way to boost your health and provide the revitalisation you need in life. Different teas have different effects on the body – and you might be surprised at how good they […]

We Recreated Kendall Jenner’s Hair

Kendall Jenner X Formawell Beauty Hair Tools Product Launch Party Not many people have better hair than Kendall Jenner, and that runway-ready look is always sought after. BB Writers Zoe and Anisha headed to the gorgeous Blow Bar in Sydney’s CBD to achieve just that, and experience the launch of the new Kendall Jenner X […]

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