Zara Perfume Dupes: Smell Like a Million Bucks Without Spending It

the best perfumes sold at Zara

Don’t Walk… Run to Zara for foolproof dupes on the hottest, in-demand, luxury perfumes. 

Since the explosion of the ‘PerfumeTok’ phenomenon, TikTok users and shoppers have been obsessed with finding ways to smell like the most luxurious perfumes without actually having to go broke. 

It turns out that you won’t have to scavenge your wallet for loose change with Zara’s duplicate fragrances. 

Though Zara is a beloved retailer for straight-from-the-runway, affordable clothing, Zara-holics and perfume connoisseurs have drawn their attention to the brand’s fragrances. Through #zaraperfumes, thousands of users have shared a range of inexpensive dupes to designer scents and swear by how incredibly close they smell to the most sought-out, fancier alternative. 

Here’s a list below to shop some of Zara’s cult-classic dupes for luxury perfumes. 

1. Zara – ‘Red Temptation’ ($35.95) and Maison Francis Kurkdjian – ‘Baccarat Rouge 540’ ($376)

This is the comparison that ignited the PerfumeTok revolution… ‘Baccarat Rouge 540’ is recognised for its versatility as an everyday and evening scent, where it fuses smokey and woody accords that are not too overbearing, making you feel extremely sexy. Not to mention, the bottle is incredibly lavish. 

2. Zara ‘Gardenia’ – ($25.95) and Yves Saint Laurent – ‘Black Opium’ ($225)

‘Gardenia’ almost exactly mirrors YSL’s ‘Black Opium’. Both scents entwine notes of white flower, vanilla and jasmine, so are suitable for the upcoming autumn months – just as both bottle designs hint. But, if you want more bang for your buck, Zara’s got you covered.  

Zara Perfume - 'Gardenia'

3. Zara – ‘Ebony Wood’ ($45.95) and Jo Malone – ‘Wood Sage and Sea Salt’ ($215)

Almost everybody in the world has heard of the lush perfumer ‘Jo Malone’. Not to worry, if you can’t get your hands on one of their scents, Zara’s ‘Ebony Wood’ is identical to ‘Wood Sage and Sea Salt’ – as you can see by the names themselves. Like Jo Malone, Zara’s version laces notes of ebony, cloves and pink peppercorn, making it the perfect, fresh scent for the autumntime.

Zara Perfume - 'Ebony Wood'

4. Zara – ‘Applejuice’ ($25.95) and Chanel – ‘Chance Eau Tendre Eau De Parfum’ ($255)

With shared notes of flavourful grapefruit and soft jasmine, Zara’s perfume – just like Chanel’s – is rumoured to effuse a delicate and fruity scent. Don’t want to spend $255, well how about $30? 

Zara Perfume - 'Applejuice'

5. Zara – ‘Rose’ ($25.95) and Dior – ‘J’Adore’ ($266)

Get your hands on ‘J’Adore’ for a fraction of the price with Zara’s ‘Rose’. Zara and Dior’s corresponding scents smell floral and sweet to radiate a cheerful and youthful energy on whatever woman that mists it on – only, Zara can do it for under $30 dollars…  

Zara Perfume - 'Rose'

6. Zara – ‘Orchid’ ($25.95) and Victoria’s Secret – ‘Bombshell’ ($124.60)

More than just the pink bottles, Zara’s ‘Orchid’ replicates Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Bombshell’ really well. While the perfumes interweave ever-so-slightly differing notes, they produce a similar bright, playful and citrusy scent. 

Zara Perfume - 'Orchid'

7. Zara – ‘Ultra Juicy’ ($25.95) and Juicy Couture – ‘I Am Juicy’ ($110)

Zara’s ‘Ultra Juicy’ makes a fitting dupe for all-time fave ‘I Am Juicy’. Inevitably, both scents are fruity and floral with notes like pear and gardenia or raspberry and pomelo respectively, making them ideal for the last remaining weeks of summer. 

Zara Perfume - 'Ultra Juicy'

8. Zara – ‘Red Vanilla’ ($25.95) and Lancome – ‘La Vie Est Belle’ ($219)

These fragrances’ compositions are fairly indistinguishable. Both concoctions are made of iris and black current. While there is a sweet touch of vanilla, it is also sophisticated and feminine, proving it to be the best perfume for all occasions. With Zara’s dupe, it is guaranteed that you won’t be afraid to spray a couple more times to assure that you smell divine. 

Zara Perfume - 'Red Vanilla'

9. Zara – ‘Femme’ ($15.95) and Dior – ‘Hypnotic Poison’ ($170)

Cult-fave, ‘Femme’ is definitely worth buying for the colder months. Without an overpowering layer of sweetness, it has a soft vanilla and musky fragrance. Hence, it exudes elegance and seductiveness. It is also just as long-lasting as the sumptuous yet costly option. 

Zara Perfume - 'Femme'

10. Zara – ‘Waterlily Tea Dress’ ($45.95) and Byredo – ‘Gypsy Water’ ($341)

Byredo perfumes are not so easily duplicated, however, the experts of PerfumeTok often compare ‘Waterlily Tea Dress’ to ‘Gypsy Water’. Luckily, Zara’s substitute is offered at a significantly affordable price. ‘Gypsy Water’ is a cool and effortless fragrance containing notes of spearmint and musk. Fortunately, Zara’s version mimics this scent but for better value. 

Zara - 'Waterlily Tea Dress'

So, if you don’t want to blow your bank account on an investment perfume you’ll spritz once or twice on very special occasions, head to your local Zara store or the Zara website.

After all, there’s nothing more confidence-boosting than getting compliments from your loved ones or strangers that get a refreshing whiff as they walk past you.

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