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Why Gradual Self-Tan Is The Way To Go This Summer

A gradual self-tan is the most foolproof way to obtain a beautiful, natural, glowing tan. Instant self-tanners certainly have their place, especially when you need an emergency dose of colour for last minute events and occasions. But if I had to choose between an instant or gradual tanner, I would always choose the gradual tanner. […]

Q&A: What Is The Best Summer Proof Mascara?

It’s time to switch your mascara over to waterproof for a sweat proof summer makeup look. We answer two beauty questions on the best mascaras to wear in summer which are waterproof and how to heal scars in time for beach season. If you have a beauty question you would like help with, email us […]

Why You Should be Careful Which Vitamin C Products You Buy

Did you know vitamin C skincare products begin to expire the moment they are opened and exposed to air? Vitamin C, also known by its scientific name of L-ascorbic acid, is a multipurpose skin enhancing antioxidant with a reputation in being one of the best free-radical fighting ingredients in skincare. But despite its benefits, vitamin […]

Beauty Q&A: How to Cover Body Scars in Summer

With summer around the corner, it’s time to get swimsuit ready. We answer two beauty questions from you asking how to cover scars on the body wearing a swimsuit in summer, and the best dry shampoos to use for brunettes – which don’t leave white streaks. If you have a beauty challenge you would like […]

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