The Most Affordable Rinse for Shiny, Long Hair 

affordable ways to get long shinier hair from cold water rinse

This is the most affordable way to have shiny, long hair

This most affordable hair hack is so simple we had to try it ourselves to see if it really works.

Rinsing hair in cold water at the end of a shower can make it shiny, long, and gorgeous in minutes, and it does not cost a cent.

Cold water can help benefit the hair’s health and appearance, resulting in smoother hair, less frizz, and a shinier appearance. 

The stimulation of blood to the scalp provided by the shock of the cold will also help promote hair growth and scalp health. Like a sauna and ice bath for the body, the combination of warm and cold water is optimal for hair as the warm water will help open hair cuticles to aid in a deep cleanse for the removal of dirt and build-up. 

The cold-water theory is science based, as each strand of hair is covered by a layer of cuticles, and the cold water helps to constrict and close the cuticles, making them lie flat, resulting in smooth, soft and shinier hair. 

A cold rinse can help close hair cuticles to trap its moisture and nutrients whilst keeping out bacteria and dirt to result in softer and shinier hair that is less prone to frizz or breakage. 

Longer hair:

A cold-water rinse can benefit scalp health and therefore help hair grow longer overtime, through stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, reducing irritation and inflammation through balancing the scalp’s pH level and preventing dandruff. 

Cold water also helps regulate natural oil production by sealing the cuticles tightly, making it perfect for oily hair types and reducing the risk of dry or brittle hair.

Impact on pricy hair products:

A simple cold rinse can also help preserve active ingredients in pricey hair products to lock in the moisture from products such as leave-in conditioners. This will help minimise breakage as the hair becomes more resilient.


A cold-water rinse could be uncomfortable, especially during winter.

Cold water can restrict blood flow and oxygen delivery, where lukewarm water instead of freezing water at the optimal temperature of 43 degrees Celsius helps avoid stripping moisture from the hair.

cold water hair rinse

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