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Working out? This is the milk you should be drinking

There are three types of milk you should be drinking if you are working out. We speak with accredited nutritionist and personal trainer Zac Sztor about what types of milk he recommends, depending on your health goals. If you’re looking to shed some kilos, Zac ultimately recommends you limit your milk intake. “Milk is full […]

7 Ways To Ward Off The Flu This Winter, Naturally.

Winter has hit Australia. We all know what that means. There’s going to be cold days ahead and all those usual winter viruses’ will appear. In Ayurveda, winter and early spring is known as Kapha season. Kapha are the elements of Water and Earth and responsible for stability and structure in our body, mind and […]

Confused About food? A new book by the former doctor of our cricket team will help

There is so much confusion about what to eat, but a new book, A Fat Lot Of Good by the former doctor of the Australian cricket team, Peter Brukner, dispels the myths. Brukner says the real evil is sugar, and much like Jamie Oliver’s quest in the UK to not only re-educate the masses but […]

So What’s the Go With Vitamin Supplements?

From fad diets to superfoods, tea-toxes and supplements, we are constantly receiving an overload of information about what we should and shouldn’t be putting into our bodies. Bondi Beauty spoke to Sydney nutritionist and dietician Jaime Rose Chambers to get the down-low on nutritional supplements. While it’s hard to give general advice when every person […]

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