Want To Know Zoe Marshall’s Skincare Secrets?

Sydney-Based Media Personality Zoe Marshall Shares Her Beauty Secrets – Perfect For On The Go

If you’re too busy and constantly on-the-go, you may need a beauty routine which is reliable, quick and easy, and provides everything you need to protect and nourish the skin, with very little product required.

Sometimes less is more, and Zoe certainly shows us that, with her very easy to follow routine, which is both simple and effective in giving skin everything it needs to stay clear, healthy and youthful.

Zoe Marshall is a Sydney-based media personality and influencer who has built up an impressive following and community where she candidly shows her life online and through her podcast, The Deep. 

We spoke to wife of ex-football legend Benji Marshall and mother of two all about her beauty routine which she has down pat- especially in a rush.

Zoe Marshall wife of ex-football legend Benji Marshall and mother of two talks about her beauty routine

Her Morning Routine

Zoe starts her day with a good cleanse, Silymarin Vitamin C from SkinCeuticals, then moisturiser and always SPF.

“The SPF by SkinCeuticals is essential every single day, on the face and back of the hands. I always SPF my hands as well because we know that they age too”, Zoe says.

If Zoe has a bit of extra time, the James Cosmetics cooling eye masks come in handy to refresh under the eyes.

But most of the time, Zoe says her morning routine is, “quick and efficient, I’ll apply some makeup and do my hair-which is usually a high pony because I’m time poor and then it’s out the door.”

Zoe’s Recommended Morning Products:

Her Night Routine

Zoe’s number one rule in her evening skincare routine, is to always remove makeup, and cleanse the skin. Even if you didn’t wear any makeup throughout the day – the skin still gathers dirt and grime, and it’s so important to properly cleanse the skin.

“Never ever go to bed with makeup or a dirty face.” Zoe says.

The next step in Zoe’s skin care routine is using a targeted serum, such as an exfoliating or retinol serum. 

Zoe says she’s really concerned about the neck, so she always brings her serums and moisturisers down the neck.

Zoe’s Recommended Night Products

The night time routine is all about winding down to have a peaceful sleep to reset. 

Zoe says her number one ritual to give back to herself is lathering herself in the Bio Oil Natural. So the face is not only taken care of in the evening, the body is as well.

This oil feels amazing with it’s natural oil blend of chamomile, jojoba seed, rosehip and patchouli oils. It also smells like the scents of a luxurious day spa, making it perfect to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

It’s a really calming ritual that gives me great sleep but it’s also something that allows me to focus on my body and be grateful for my body.”

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