Category: Beauty Q&A

Stop Popping Those Spots and Do This Instead

Popping those spots can lead to multiple problems. This is how you get rid of those annoying blemishes without damaging the skin.

How to Achieve the Beach to Party Makeup Look

At the beach and need to freshen your makeup look fast before heading to a party? Here’s how:

Beauty Q&A: Is It Okay to Wear Makeup at the Beach?

Are you wondering if it’s okay to wear makeup to the beach? We answer your question and chat about ways to protect your hair in summer also.

Q&A: Why You Should Not Wear False Lashes at the Beach. Tip: Lash Extensions Are Okay

If you’re heading to the beach today – STOP! Don’t wear false lashes in the ocean. We answer two beauty questions on whether you can wear false lashes when you go swimming in the beach, and which face mists work best in summer. If you have a beauty question you would like help with, email […]

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