Lazy Girl’s Fitness Guide

How to get and stay fit by doing the bare minimum

Are you a lazy girl?

  • Do you forget to wash your hair once every two days?
  • When people ask you what your morning routine is like, you stare blankly at the them, as you are never awake before 12pm.
  • Do you leave your washing for two weeks until you are down to your emergency underwear?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this may be the fitness regime for you.

Did you know that you only need to do 150 minutes of exercise per week to be classified as ‘healthy’? according to the Australian Department of Health.

According to the various studies you might only need to do as little as 150 minutes of exercise a week to be classified as ‘healthy’. According to the Lancet study which followed the exercise patterns of people in 17 countries over 7 years as little as 2.5 hours of exercise per week can decrease premature death by 28 percent and cardiovascular disease by 20 percent. The Mayo Clinic also recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise as a good guide for ‘healthy’ adults and is a base recommendation by the Australian Department of Health.

So my couch potatoes,

Welcome to the Lazy girl’s fitness regime

Here are the lazy girl’s tips to getting in the bare minimum.

  • Walking- It may sound boring but you will be surprised by how much you actually walk on a daily basis. Walking over 7,0000 steps a day is an easy way to get to that 150 mins for the week and you can keep track of your steps using the health app on your Iphone.
  • Jogging for just 80 minutes a week- that’s only 11.42 minutes per day that’s half an episode of Friends.
  • 20 mins of star jumps per week- that’s 3 mins of star jumps a day. You can do them while waiting for your morning coffee to brew.
  • Toe taps for 20mins. That’s the move you see soccer players doing where they tap the ball with their toes and switching feet quickly. Broken down that’s 3 mins a day that’s the length of the average shower- although I probably wouldn’t recommend doing them in the shower it’s a slipping hazard.
  • Leg Lifts and Sit Ups each 10 mins- That’s under 2 mins a day per exercise.
  • And 10 mins of Lunges per week- Another two mins per day.  Combine that with the leg lifts and situps that only 6 mins of exercise a day- that’s nothing.

Broken down 150 minutes is just 20 mins of exercise a day? So turn on Netflix and do some lunges, toe-taps and star jumps. Or pop in those headphones and listen to one of BB’s favourite podcasts while heading out for 11:42 minute run.

Maddie Lucre


Maddie is in her first year of a Bachelor of Communications at UTS. She has a passion for writing, podcasts and photography. A self-confessed coffee addict Maddie loves all things to do with food, wine and the beach. In her down time you can often find her coffee in hand heading down to beach with plenty of sunscreen on.

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