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Why Gradual Self-Tan Is The Way To Go This Summer

A gradual self-tan is the most foolproof way to obtain a beautiful, natural, glowing tan. Instant self-tanners certainly have their place, especially when you need an emergency dose of colour for last minute events and occasions. But if I had to choose between an instant or gradual tanner, I would always choose the gradual tanner. […]

Five Indigenous-Owned Beauty Brands You Need to Know About Right Now

2020 has opened our eyes to a lot of new things – one of them is the ongoing and systematic racism experienced by our Indigenous peoples. When coming across stories about racial profiling and police brutality, it’s hard to know how to help. There are tonnes of petitions and charities to donate to, but another […]

How to Gua Sha: Your guide to sculpted cheekbones

2020 has been something else so why not end the year practising Gua Sha, which will lead to killer cheekbones in 2021. Gua Sha is the newest must-have on your beauty shelf. The term “Gua” means scraping – the action when using the tool – and “Sha”, which means redness, and refers to the redness […]

Q&A: What Is The Best Summer Proof Mascara?

It’s time to switch your mascara over to waterproof for a sweat proof summer makeup look. We answer two beauty questions on the best mascaras to wear in summer which are waterproof and how to heal scars in time for beach season. If you have a beauty question you would like help with, email us […]

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