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The Sulfate Debate

The term ‘sulfate-free’ is making its way onto an increasing number of shampoo and conditioner bottles. So is this just another marketing gimmick, or is sulfate-free the way to go? The phrase sulfate-free is relatively new to the hair care market. Google Trends tracks this craze, which has been on a steady increase since 2007. […]

How To Get Glowing, Tanned Skin During Winter

Maintaining a summer glow is hard work but thanks to these beauty products, you can look sun-kissed all winter long. Instant tans are a great way to achieve that summer glow, all winter long, without the long-term commitment and with minimal effort. Not only will instant tans give you a healthy, bronzed look all winter […]

6 Simple Beauty Tips For When You Wake Up Looking Like A Corpse

We’ve all woken up after a big night out or a stressful few days, looked in the mirror, and wondered how and when we came to be a perfect replica of the Corpse Bride. Here are Bondi Beauty’s tried and tested tips for when you wake up looking devoid of all life and colour. Try […]

Aloe Vera: 10 Incredible Health Benefits from Nature’s Miracle Plant

Aloe Vera is truly a miracle ingredient, with experts saying that the plant could contain up to 400 active ingredients, (according to Aloe Medical Group). The plant contains vitamins A, C, E and B12 alongside antioxidants, calcium, zinc and hundreds more beneficial minerals, enzymes and other properties that can help your body both inside and […]

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