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Self Tan Review. The Revolutionary Self-Tans You Need This Summer.

Which Self Tan is the quickest and easiest and which is the best colour? We road tested the latest self-tans to bring these reccomendations and revelations to you. It’s the single best and easiest beauty product to lift your mood, look better in what you wear (and what you don’t) and lets face it, there’s […]

I Trialled Lash Extensions For the First Time

This is a beginners guide to eyelash extensions. What you need to know and whether they might work for you. If you’re too clumsy to apply fake lashes, or tired of wearing mascara every day, having eyelash extensions could be exactly what you need to make your eyes pop – everyday. Think of eyelash extensions […]

Gel, Shellac Or SNS? Which Nails Are Right For You?

Finally, an explanation for the difference between gel nails, Shellac and SNS and which type you should be getting. If you’ve ever had the luxury of heading to the salon to get a fresh pair of nails, chances are you’ve heard these words floated around the room a few times. But what do they actually […]

Beauty Q&A: How to Treat Cellulite The Right Way

Depending on what type of cellulite you have, many products just won’t work to remove stubborn cellulite. We answer an important question from one of our readers who wants to know whether the creams do work and how to use them. If you have a beauty question you need answered, contact us at Dear […]

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