Expand Your Self-Love Routine With These Seven Must-Have Products

Treat yourself to these seven must-have self-love essentials for a happier you, inside and out.

Now more than ever, practising self-love is a crucial step in any self-care routine. Self-love is the active process of accepting yourself for who you are, indulging in kindness and compassion, and investing in mindful activities and products that nourish your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Put simply, self-love is self-celebration.

From luxe skincare and uplifting hair fragrances that will refresh and rejuvenate, to gratitude journals and rich, moisturising vitamin-rich body oils to de-stress and decompress.

Here are seven must-have luxurious products designed to help you embark on your self-love journey.

  1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask $81 Mecca Cosmetica

Cult favourite, Jet Lag Mask is a go-to for the ultimate hydration boost. The mask’s soothing and nourishing properties are enhanced by niacinamide, glycerine and hyaluronic acid, leaving the skin with a healthy, summer glow. Nothing says self-love quite like a one stop shop product to use daily, nighty or on occasion and the beautiful, luscious skin that comes with it.

2. Slip Queen Size Pillowcase $95 Sephora

This anti-ageing, anti-bed-head, silk pillowcase is not only silky smooth but has a multitude of skin benefits. Minimizing the appearance of fine lines, hydrating, and brightening the skin, and improving skin texture and smoothness are among the benefits of swapping your polyester pillowcase for a silk one. Feel rested and rejuvenated without the bed head to prove it.

3. Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Perfume $138 Mecca Cosmetica

Whilst a hair perfume may have never been on your self-love shopping list, it may be a new favourite, and it’s the perfect size for on the go. Honey has a plethora of moisturising properties that, when infused into perfume leaves hair with a healthy glow and a subtle, long-lasting fragrance. Self-love can manifest when looking and feeling your best with indulgent beauty essentials, you never knew you needed.

4. Hunter Lab Lipid Vitamin Body Oil $58 Adore Beauty

Create a new daily self-love ritual, with this body oil. It is the perfect luxe product to help you feel pampered and replenished. The Hunter Lab oil is infused with 14 antioxidants and vitamin-rich natural extracts and oils, like Australian sandalwood and Kakadu plum that will leave your body feeling supple and deeply hydrated. The perfect indulgent yet lightweight texture that will become an essential step in your self-love routine.

5. Vitable Collagen Plus HA Mixed Berries $29 Vitable

If you’re looking for youthful, glowy skin inside and out and are ready to give ingestible beauty powders a go, try Vitable’s collagen plus HA supplements. The powder is crafted with a blend of hyaluronic acid to promote hydration and elasticity in the skin from the inside out, and to strengthen hair and nails. Collagen is perfect for showing a little extra love to your insides.

6. Gratitude Journal $39.99 Kikki.K

Cultivating self-love through practicing gratitude and mindfulness can have a powerful impact on the way people view the world. By embracing a daily gratitude ritual, individuals become acutely aware of the positives in life, training the mind to think positively and welcome more happiness. Self-celebration is self-love and reflecting on the day, capturing the positives, and considering the silver linings is a great way to show self-love.

7. Face & Body Gradual Tanning Anti-Cellulite Lotion $49.99 Body Blendz

Hydrate, nourish and tighten your skin while you tan with Body Blendz new gradual tanning anti cellulite lotion. With a combination of almond oil, shea butter, and grapeseed oil, your tan will progress gradually with each application to reveal a natural dark glow. Formulated with all the good organic stuff to prevent the storage of fat and boost circulation for your skin. Feel good in a tan without the nasty fake tan smell and sticky consistency for beautiful, bronzed skin.

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