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A Natural Winter Makeup Look

Bare it all in winter and keep things simple with this natural winter makeup look. Winter is the perfect time to give your skin a break from all the summer parties where you wore too much makeup, forgot to cleanse your skin and got home late at night, spent too much time in the sun […]

Beauty Review: Laser Skin Treatment by Skin Renu

We sent a Bondi Beauty writer to trial the Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment by Skin Renu in Balmain. Laser skin treatments are nothing new and have been circulating in skin clinics and day spas for a while now, as the next evolutionary skin treatment process from having a microdermabrasion. For anyone not up to […]

6 Beauty Products to Detox Your Skin

With the party season now well and truly over, now is the time to detox your skin. Exercise is a great way to detox the body after the festive season and your skin will benefit from the detoxing it to. As it allows your body to sweat out all those nasty toxins and keep skin […]

Bizarre Beauty Hacks of American Celebrities

We’ve tracked down some of the weirdest and most bizarre beauty hacks of American celebrities. Ever wondered how American celebrities always look young and beautiful? Aside from the fact many of them use cosmetic surgery to stay looking youthful for the big screen, many of then also include weird and bizarre beauty hacks within their […]

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