8 Step Guide to the Ultimate Self-Care Sunday

8 Step Guide to the Ultimate Self-Care Sunday

Self-Care Sunday: A Time to Recharge and Refresh

A Sunday reset is one of the best ways to start the week feeling fresh and recharged. All women will benefit greatly from a self-care Sunday where the priority is them.

Self-care is centred around promoting mental and physical health. By focusing on and engaging in activities that improve the mind and body, individuals can achieve a state of relaxation and peace that will help them start the new week strong.

From a scenic walk to taking some time to journal , there are many options to wind back and relax before taking on the new week.

  1. A Refreshingly Healthy Smoothie

A good Sunday reset should start with nutrition. Smoothies are a quick and easy way to ensure the body is receiving the nutrients it needs. 

Not only are they delicious, but they also support weight control, improve energy and cognitive performance and support digestive health. Smoothies can be easily modified and customised to suit individual tastes. 

Bondi and neighbouring areas have various convenient and healthy food options available. There are plenty of places to stop by to pick up a fresh smoothie.

Cali Press located in Bronte, has 16 delicious protein-fuelled smoothies on offer. Their popular smoothies include ‘The Arnold’, ‘The G.O.A.T.’ and the ‘PB-N-Choc’.

‘The Arnold’ smoothie contains 30 grams of protein and consists of cinnamon, peanut butter, organic hemp protein, amongst other ingredients. ‘The G.O.A.T.’ smoothie is a berry smoothie with 35 grams of protein and the ‘PB-N-Choc’ made from peanut butter and organic roasted cocoa has 40 grams of protein. Most of their smoothies are made with almond milk.

Glo Health Bar located in Westfield Bondi Junction has a range of organic smoothies made with coconut milk and coconut water. All their smoothies cost $10.

Smoothies can also be easily made from home with recipes available here. To find out what makes a perfect smoothie click here.

A refreshing smoothie is a great way to kick-off self-care Sunday.

  1. Take Time Away From Social Media

When waking up it is often a first instinct to check phone notifications and scroll through social media. This seemingly harmless act is actually unhealthy. 

Research reports that checking our phones first thing in the morning is stress and anxiety inducing due to its overstimulating nature. 

Logging out of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social platforms can help better your mental health. Taking a break from social media on self-care Sunday allows one to focus on themselves without the pressure of comparison that often occurs online. 

Putting a pause on overconsumption of media will reduce screen time and therefore improve mental health.

To replace the aimless social media scrolling, put down the phone and pick up a self-improvement book.

‘The Pivot Year’ by Brianna Wiest is a great book for young women navigating how to accept change and overcome the challenges presented by young adulthood. 

‘The Neuroscience of Self-Love’ by Alexis Fernandez-Preiksa is an amazing self-help book that guides all women on how to apply self-care. It provides practical tools and exercises that help foster a better relationship with yourself.

Including reading in self-care Sunday will lead to a recharged and refreshed mindset.

  1. A Scenic Walk

A calm scenic walk is fantastic for stepping into your Sunday reset. Taking the time to engage in light exercise can help ease both the body and mind. 

Walking is a low-impact way to improve cardiovascular fitness, maintain weight, support bone health and improve muscular endurance. Walking can also boost your mood, energy and help you feel more relaxed. 

Sydney is a beautiful city with many scenic walking routes. Some favourites include the pedestrian walkway across the Harbour Bridge, the Bondi to Coogee walk and the Cremorne Point walk.  

The Harbour Bridge walkway takes roughly 15-30 minutes to complete and includes amazing views of the Harbour, Circular Quay and the Opera House. The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is a six kilometre stretch with breathtaking ocean views. It takes around 2 hours to complete but there are cafes and viewpoints to take breaks at along the way. 

The Cremorne Point walk is often less crowded and still consists of amazing waterfront and city views. It is a lovely three kilometre stretch where you can soak in beautiful views and recharge away from busy Sydney sites.

There are many other beautiful coastal walks in Sydney which can be found here.

A scenic walk is perfect for the start, middle or end of your self-care Sunday.

  1. DIY Face Mask

Taking the time to care for your skin is crucial to self-care. Many DIY face mask recipes are easy to make at home, using ingredients that are already stocked in the pantry.

Some DIY face masks for glowing skin include a Manuka Mask, Brown Sugar Scrub and a Green Tea Mask.

The Manuka Mask is extremely simple, only consisting of one ingredient. This mask requires applying one layer of Manuka honey to the face for 15 minutes. After rinsing it off with a face cleanser the skin will be exfoliated, moisturised and less red and irritated.

The Brown Sugar Mask is best for exfoliation. The ingredients needed are two tablespoons of brown sugar and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix them together and rub it into the face in gentle circular motions. Rinse off with warm water after five minutes.

The Green Tea Mask also reduces skin redness and irritation. For a step-by-step DIY green tea face mask recipe click here.

These simple at-home face mask recipes will leave your skin feeling cleansed and smooth.

  1. The Best Hair Masks

Hair care is also a big part of self-care. Hair treatments and masks for strengthening, growth or dry hair can help step up your hair health.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 Repairing Treatment is great for strengthening damaged hair and costs $54 at Sephora. It works on all hair including coloured, permed, dry or oily and significantly reduces hair breakage.

Olaplex also sells an intense hair moisture mask for $54. It helps with split ends, hair loss, dry hair and heat protection, leaving the hair smooth and glossy. 

Hair masks can also be easily made at home. Find organic DIY hair masks here.

  1. Body Exfoliation

On your self-care day not only do you need to focus on the face and hair, but also the body. Body scrubs remove dead skin cells, resulting in clearer and rejuvenated skin.

The Body Shop sells many inexpensive body scrubs. Their mango body scrub is $12 and is completely vegan. It is perfect for dry skin and will not only leave the body feeling soft, but also smelling amazing. 

Frank Body’s glycolic body scrub retails for $25 and prevents bumps and dryness. It helps remove skin blemishes and creates glowing skin with the active ingredients of glycolic acid, pumice, witch hazel and niacinamide.

  1. Meditation

Taking a complete pause in your self-care Sunday to reflect and breathe is incredibly important. Meditation helps manage stress and anxiety and enhances self-awareness. 

Find out how to use meditation to calm anxiety here.

  1. Journaling 

Journaling is an excellent way to promote emotional wellness. Before starting a new busy week it may be helpful to jot down your thoughts and feelings to enter the new week with a clearer mindset.

Setting aside a few minutes at the end of the day to make note of your mental and emotional wellbeing can help ease stress and track progress. 

Things to note down in your journal may be tracking your mood over the past week, writing some goals for the new week, writing out motivational quotes or simply listing what you’re grateful for. This is a great way to end your self-care Sunday.

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