Boost Your Sex Life With Food

the foods to help your sex life

These 8 foods are packed with nutrients known to increase libido to help boost your sex life.

Whether you’re single, in a long or short term relationship, there’s no denying we can hit a lull when it comes to our sex life, depending on our current life circumstances.

Stress, over tiredness, money, not eating right, and even the weather can all affect our sex drive, leaving us feeling like we are just not that interested.

By making a few small simple changes, including the adding of some of these foods and spices to your diet, which are known to help naturally boost libido (and improve overall health as well), you may just get that drive back. 

Apart from the normal routine changes, like making sure to get enough sleep and exercising, and losing weight, some simple changes in your diet may be all you need to help boost your libido. To help you lose weight faster, we recommend you check out Saxenda Australia to help you achieve your weight loss goals

Food science has already proven over time, the nutrients we consume not only impact our physical well-being, they can also assist in helping keep the libido from dying out – flaming the passions so to speak, to keep your sex life happy and strong.

Here are 8 foods to add to your diet daily to help improve your sex life:


Packed with phytochemicals, these delectable fruits hold the power to heighten your sexual endurance and invigorate your libido.


Known as the “testicle tree” by the Aztecs, the avocado boasts aphrodisiac properties owing to its remarkable nutritional profile. Brimming with Vitamin E, potassium, Vitamin B6, beta carotene, magnesium, and protein, this luscious fruit is renowned for stimulating desire and enhancing sexual prowess.


Drawing from its estrogenic properties, papaya contains chemicals that mimic the effects of the female hormone oestrogen. Throughout history, women have harnessed the potential of papaya to enhance menstruation, increase milk production, facilitate childbirth, and elevate female desire.


The pink-fleshed fish, as well as sardines, tuna and halibut, could play a role in keeping your body, and your sex life, healthy.Fish is also a great source of protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron. It also contains zinc. All of which helps keep good blood flow and oxygen circulation throughout the body.


Apples are rich in a compound called quercetin. This antioxidant, a type of flavonoid, may offer a number of health benefits. As far as sex goes, quercetin plays a role in promoting circulation, treating ED, managing the symptoms of prostatitis. In females, high blood pressure can lead to a lower libido and less interest in sex, particularly if it causes fatigue. Lower blood flow to the vagina can affect how their body responds to sexual activity.

The next 3 aren’t foods, however, when added into your daily meals, have been known to help a variety overall health improvements which work to also increase your sex drive:


Cinnamon promotes overall well-being and serves as a potent libido booster by stimulating the body’s warmth and circulation. Its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to stabilise blood sugar, and stimulation of physical and sexual appetite make it an indispensable ingredient in kindling desire.

Chilli Pepper:

Consuming chilli peppers elevates heart rate, releases endorphins, and raises body temperature, resulting in a rejuvenated and energised state. Some even report experiencing moderate euphoria after partaking in the fiery pleasures of this captivating spice.


This substance aids the body in metabolising and utilising oestrogen. Across cultures, honey has long been intertwined with love and marriage, finding its way into cuisines, elixirs, and cordials to awaken and amplify the flames of desire.

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