Renae Leith


Renae Leith travels the world writing ( She has had a colourful media career as a journalist in many magazines and newspapers, and spends her time writing, consulting to new businesses, running, doing yoga, swimming & cycling.
She's likes healthy eating, but thinks chocolate cake is just as important as kale chips.
She spends most weekends writing, and hanging out with her gorgeous twins.

Soma Breathing; Now This Is The Easy Way To Calm

Soma Breathing is the easiest way to calm for many who find meditation something they’re just not quite ready for.

Fitness (not booze) Will Get You Through The Second Sydney Lockdown.

Everyone in Sydney is reaching for vices right now. It’s human nature, it’s normal it’s natural. But some are better than others. Fitness has been my fall back throughout my life, and helped me get over many hurdles, including the one we are all facing in Sydney right now. From my school days to this […]

10 Daily Steps to Adopt & Change For Life In Lockdown

This isn’t an easy time for any of us to navigate, but there are some simple strategies you can put into place immediately to support yourself during the lockdown, to love yourself and make life that little bit easier and brighter. *First published in March 2020, and re-published July 2021. I have been a journalist […]

75 Things To Do In Lockdown Your Future Self Will Thank You For

A lot of people are starting to complain about nothing to do whilst in lockdown, but here are some practical things to keep you occupied;

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