Signs Your Relationship May Not Have A Future.

Pink flags are small, dismissible issues that come up in the beginning of a relationship, but they’re early signs it may not work. They can be missed if you don’t do yourself a favour and take off those rose-tinted glasses once in a while. Pink flags are different to the more commonly-known red flags. Red […]

Is More Expensive Better When It Comes to Beauty?

This is a question I’m often asked, and in brief; it depends what you are looking for from a beauty product. After two decades working in the beauty industry, I also feel that in beauty as in life, you generally do get what you pay for. With beauty, women prioritise products differently. What one woman makes […]

The Japanese Secret To Living A Fulfilling Life.

Ikigai is a Japanese self-development philosophy that helps create a meaningful life. It dates back at least 1000 years to the Heian period in Japanese history. In Japanese, the word iki means to live, and the word gai means reason, thus the concept of having a reason to live was born. Why are we here? […]

From AI To Data Theft And Triggering Videos, The Other Side of Tik Tok

Andy Warhol’s famous notion of ‘15 minutes of fame’ is long gone, and its replacement? Up to 60 seconds of fame on Tik Tok. But these 60 seconds could be coming at a big cost to viewers and makers.  Tik Tok is the wildly successful app, that has had unbelievable success in its first two […]