We Love Sex, And So Do These Influencers

Sex positivity means maintaining a healthy attitude towards sex and valuing it, given your individual needs. Sex positivity also embraces the idea of being sexually educated and staying safe. Individuals who are sex positive actively decide how and what they want from their sex lives, rather than letting others dictate it. A sex positive person […]

Why You Shouldn’t Detox After Holiday Indulging (According to a Dietician)

Quick-fix detoxes and diets can be tempting to jump on the health and fitness bandwagon post-Christmas, but it’s not a healthy alternative, says this Brisbane dietician. For many, the holiday period can be a time of social gatherings and family catch ups, usually over too much food and drinks. And after letting loose and indulging, […]

A Vagina-Scented Candle.. umm..Really?

No idea who the target market is for these American candles but they’re being sold on Goop, with the label “This smells like my vagina”. Apparently it sold out in hours. The vagina scent promises a fragrant blend of geranium, bergamot, and cedar juxtaposed with damask rose, and ambrette seed. Wow. Maybe it’s for the […]

Beauty Brands Saving The World By Recycling

If it hasn’t been repeatedly drummed into your ears already, one-use plastic is destroying our environment. Cosmetic companies worldwide are being forced to re-think their packaging and sales strategies in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills.  Movements like circular beauty and waterless beauty have each taken primitive steps […]