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Turns Out There’s a Difference Between Climax and Orgasm: How to Fully Let Go During Sex

Apparently there is a difference between climax and orgasm? Eleanor is a Sensuality Coach and Sex Educator and she explains how to fully let go during sex.

40 Date Ideas For Summer

Summer is looming, and with that comes sunny days, late nights and special dates with your significant other.

6 Tips on How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

If you want to survive your long distance relationship, you need these 6 tips.

4 Easy Ways To Get Closer To Your Partner

All Couples often have issues. Financial challenges, work pressure, and trouble with in-laws are just a few examples, but there are easy ways to get closer to your partner. There may also be times when you and your partner are too busy to really connect with each other. This is especially true if you or […]

Did You Know 90% of Relationships Before 30 Don’t Work Out?

It’s difficult to hear the statistic that 90% of relationships started before the age of 30 do in fact end. It’s a gut-wrenching fact that can makes people turn to their partners and think hard about their relationships the probability of becoming that very statistic. In modern society, there is more pressure than ever on […]

Best Relationship Advice Ever

You’ve probably had your fair share of bad relationship advice. Here the Bondi Beauty team pass on the best advice they’ve received. Relationship advice is given out constantly, and there are times when it is just not what you want to hear. The Bondi Beauty team has come together to give you the best relationship […]

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