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Best Relationship Advice Ever

You’ve probably had your fair share of bad relationship advice. Here the Bondi Beauty team pass on the best advice they’ve received. Relationship advice is given out constantly, and there are times when it is just not what you want to hear. The Bondi Beauty team has come together to give you the best relationship […]

How To Be Your Best Dating Self This Summer

Just as quickly as it came, Iso-Dating is now basically a thing of the past here in Sydney, at least for now. And whilst the awkward Zoom dates are now gone (thank goodness), what comes with it is a good, old fashioned ‘date’. This somewhat foreign concept can be hard to feel good about after […]

Types of People You’ll Date in Your 20s

Your 20’s are a time of growth and learning across all areas of life including dating. These are the types of guys you are likely to find yourself meeting  – and some tips so you can see them coming. The Fuckboy This is the guy from all of your favourite rom-coms. Maybe he’s known as […]

Helping Your Pets Cope When You Go Back To Work

It’s easy to overlook the huge impact WFH has had on our pets, but they need support too, as households go back to work and pets are left alone for long periods. Melbourne based animal behaviourist Laura Vissaritis helps people understand their animals. After working for many years at a zoo with a range of animals, Vissaritis […]

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