How ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ Revived The Iconic 70s Hair and Makeup.

Here are the secrets to getting the iconic 70s hair and makeup from Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’.

Amazon Prime’s newest and hottest TV show ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ has finally arrived, with all 10 episodes out now to binge.

Set in the 70s, ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ explores the rise and fall of the famous band.

From sold out stadiums to being played on every turntable, in 1979 they split and nobody knew why until now. With one of the best fictional soundtracks and referencing the iconic Fleetwood Mac, it is a must-see.

Within the first 24 hours of release, ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ topped the TV and music charts, becoming one of Amazon Prime Video’s most popular show.

One of the most memorable elements is the hair and makeup of the amazing women in Daisy Jones & the Six. Based on Taylor Jenkin Reid’s book, the show brought to screen the 70s fantasy we were all waiting for.

With makeup department head Rebecca Wachtel and hair department head Maryann Hennings collaborating with production costume designer Denise Wingate, the three brought to life the energy and iconic feel of the 70s through the looks.

These talented women spent nearly three months preparing each character’s look, and here are the beauty and stories of the iconic female characters Daisy Jones, Camila Dunne, Karen Sirko and Simone Jackson.

The Hair and Makeup of Daisy Jones & the Six:

Daisy Jones, played by Riley Keogh.

Daisy is the star of Daisy Jones and the Six, so it was important to make her look like one.

Wachtel and Hennings shared inspiration from real-life 70s stars. “Daisy to me was Stevie Nicks,” Henning says in a Harper Bazaar interview.

Depending on her state of mind, Daisy alternates between big, textured waves and oily, flat hair. Like the book, Daisy’s crazy, big red hair and bangs were captured perfectly by Hennings.

As for the makeup, there was always a wash of eyeshadow across the lid during Daisy’s performances. The makeup progressed the more crazed Daisy got, subtly getting more cooler tone with the eyeshadow.

Daisy’s famous final performance look was a wash of messy black liner smudged across her eyes.

Daisy Jones played by Riley Keogh via @rebeccawmakeup on Instagram.
Daisy Jones’ final performance makeup look via @rebeccawmakeup on Instagram.

Get Daisy’s iconic look with:

Camila Dunne, played by Camila Morrone.

Camila had a softer look in comparison to Daisy. The inspiration for Camila’s character was Ali MacGraw, with her long beautiful brown hair that was kept simple and natural.

It was important for Camila to have long, dark hair to show that she was like-minded and kindest of the group.

Camila’s natural beauty was accentuated by always having tan skin and rosy cheeks. For makeup, there wasn’t a lot, just simple blush, mascara and a little bit of lip colour.

Her natural beauty is highlighted during the band’s rise to fame. Henning created S waves with Dyson’s Corrale Styler Straightener while also relying on texture to create a relaxed 60s bouffant hairstyle.

Camila Dunne, played by Camila Morrone via @maryannhenningshair on Instagram.
Camila Dunne natural makeup with 60s inspired hair via @maryannhenningshair on Instagram.

Get Camila’s iconic look with:

Karen Sirko, played by Suki Waterhouse.

Karen Sirko is famous for her iconic cat eyeliner. Inspiration was drawn from Brigette Bardot and Debbie Harry. Her makeup matched her powerful and mysterious energy.

Wachtel made the smart decision to add pops of colour to her eye makeup the closer it got to the 80s. Karen also has a fluffy and defined brow to match her strong and classic eye makeup.

Karen’s hair was inspired by a very specific 1965 photo of Brigette Bardot by Douglas Kirkland. In this photo, Bardot has that iconic 60s bouffant with a soft and texture fringe. Volume is all that can be used to describe this photo.

Henning used Living Proof’s Full Thickening Mousse while Suki’s hair was damp and then went in with a blowout. It’s important to use strong hairspray and use traditional hot rollers to really create that volume we see in Karen’s hair.

Karen Sirko, played by Suki Waterhouse via @rebeccawmakeup on Instagram.
Karen Sirko’s inspiration from Debbie Harry’s iconic look via @rebeccawmakeup on Instagram.

Get Karen’s iconic look with:

Simone Jackson, played by Nabiyah Be.

Simone’s story was an important one, so it was necessary to communicate this through her hair and makeup.

Simone Jackson wore wigs. Henning’s said, “That’s part of her character”. Hennings and Wachtel did four or five different looks on her.

Simone captures the beautiful energy of Diana Ross, rocking a killer 70s afro. Disco was an important era during this time, which we can see through her different hairstyles.

At the beginning of her story, we see a more styled and contained hairstyle with waves. After her move to New York, we see her start to embrace her natural hair, inspired by the famous Diana Ross afro.

The series was filmed in New Orleans. Hennings shares in a Refinery 29 article, “In New Orleans, everyone wears wigs, so you go into a beauty supply store, and they have a thousand,”.

Simone Jackson, played by Nabiyah Be via @maryannhenningshair on Instagram.
Simone Jackson’s disco inspired hair and cool tone makeup via @maryannhenningshair on Instagram.

Get Simone’s iconic look with:

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