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Does the Instagrammer You Are Following Really Exist?

There is a generation of Computer Generated Imagery or CGI instagrammers – are you following one? Do you ever sit on your bed for hours on end scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed wishing for the life of your favourite influencer? They have the lifestyle and appearance that makes you scream at your own […]

Love And Relationships Do Make You Fatter

Yes, you read that right. People in relationships are more likely to put on weight than singles. The epic study surveyed 10 years of data from more than 15,000 volunteers. The results showed that while those in relationships tend to lead a healthier lifestyle, they’re more inclined to put on weight. The team from Central […]

Regular exercise during pregnancy can make labour shorter

Women who exercise during pregnancy, are more likely to have shorter labour. That is one hell of an incentive to get up and exercise during your pregnancy. The range of emotions during pregnancy can go from excited, to nervous, to downright uncomfortable. But arguably the scariest aspect of any uncomplicated pregnancy, is the pain you […]

Wine In Moderation DOES Help Reduce Stress

While a glass or two after a long day may help clear the mind of all life’s stressors, a new study shows it may help clean the mind as well. The study conducted by University of Rochester Medical Center, shows that low levels of alcohol consumption tamp down inflammation in the brain and help clear […]

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