The insider secret you need to get that summer body now

PT Alexa Towersey speaks to Bondi Beauty about getting your summer body now though weights.

PT Alexa Towerseyy

The weights section of the gym can be daunting, but adding weights to your workout will tone your body quicker, help you lose weight and develop more muscle tone.

Alexa Towersey is a Personal Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Coach and IsoWhey Sports Ambassador who believes weight training is the best way to achieve your summer-ready body. Bondi Beauty spoke with Alexa to bust the myths on weight lifting and how best to include weights in your workout this season.

Q; Many women worry about lifting weights, assuming that they will build muscle rather than lose weight. Is this really the case? 

Women typically don’t have the hormonal profile to get ‘big’ from lifting weights, fat gain is instead caused by poor nutrition when lifting. Weight training increases lean muscle, which boosts your metabolism. This means you get hungry more often, so you need to have more control over what you eat, but if you do weights and eat right, you will lose weight AND build muscle tone. 

Q; What is the best way for women to include weights into their workout routine?

Weight training is a fantastic tool for shaping the body, but you need to know which muscles to engage and how to do that within your workout.

If you’re new to weight training and have previously enjoyed doing cardio, don’t stop the cardio but instead do exercise that incorporates both. There are loads of ‘hybrid’ classes on offer where you incorporate both free weights and cardio fitness.

Q: Will protein powders help with muscle tone?

If you’re really serious about building muscle tone and stripping fat also consider adding extra protein to your diet in the form of a specially formulated lean powder such as IsoWhey Sports Ultra Lean Powder. One scoop in the morning before a workout will enhance your performance and your results in the gym.

Be consistent with your program. Shaping a lean, sexy body doesn’t happen overnight and to get the best results you need to be committing to weight training at least three times per week.

Q; Are free standing weights any better or worse than using weights machines at the gym?

I always favour a full range of movement over lifting heavy on machines. Free standing weights give you more freedom to engage more than one muscle group at a time.

Training large muscle groups by using multi joint exercises, such as squats, deadlifts and pull ups, is the most effective way to torch fat and get strong.

When doing a free weights routine even just handling the weights, picking them up, holding them, maintaining the correct posture throughout and putting them down provides an incidental toning effect.

Q: Why should we be including weights into our summer workouts?

This year there is a huge focus on getting a toned body rather than a skinny one. To get a fit bikini body for the summer you should start to incorporate weights into your fitness regime now. By eating and training right you will see results in 3-4 weeks.

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