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Why Your Dog Makes the Best Personal Trainer

Wanting to get out and exercise but need someone to motivate you? Taking your dog with you may be the answer you’re looking for. Think outside the square and you may realise the perfect training partner might have been sitting beside you, looking longingly towards his lead. According to urban myth, training partners are for […]

The insider secret you need to get that summer body now.

PT Alexa Towersey speaks to Bondi Beauty about getting your summer body now though weights. The weights section of the gym can be daunting, but adding weights to your workout will tone your body quicker, help you lose weight and develop more muscle tone. Alexa Towersey is a Personal Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Coach and IsoWhey […]

Iobella – Melt fat off your body in 30 minutes?

In LA, Iobella is latest body-shaping spa, using pilates-type exercises in a heated pod. It is designed to literally melt the fat off your body whilst sculpting and toning your muscles. With seven locations in Argentina and one in Santa Monica, USA, this new workout craze has people talking. It’s expensive (roughly $150) but time […]

Cut and tone fast

How to target specific areas and have a toned body. Total body conditioning is the best way to cut and tone effectively. To get a good overall body workout, you need to focus on specific areas to really feel the burn. Legs Cycling does wonders for the thighs and calves. Start your workout with four […]