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SEX TALK: The O-Shot – A Shot That Helps Women Orgasm?

So… you can get an injection that will help you orgasm during sex? Bondi Beauty gets the down low on the ‘O -Shot’ A ground-breaking sex treatment for women has emerged – the O -Shot – a treatment that claims to enable women to experience more frequent and more intense orgasms than ever before. The […]


Bondi is one of the most motivating places to exercise and has some of the sexiest men in the world. So why not combine the two and find yourself a hot date while working out? We have put together the top spots to train amongst the sexy men and maybe find yourself love, just in time […]

Bondi’s Best Blow Dry

Called Blow Bar Co, this blow dry bar is going to blow not only your hair, but your mind too. This is the first place in the world ( we think!) you can get your hair done and sit at a bar eating and drinking almost anything your heart desires. It’s the ultimate way to […]

Stay Strong And Sexy

Have you ever been on a “health binge” only to experience the yoyo effect? You can stay strong and sexy forever, Sydney’s Brandon Hasick shows us how: Most cardio and HIIT regimes don’t promote the growth and repair of muscle, but merely aim to burn calories, which is why you will see some quick results […]

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