Love And Relationships Do Make You Fatter

Yes, you read that right. People in relationships are more likely to put on weight than singles.

The epic study surveyed 10 years of data from more than 15,000 volunteers. The results showed that while those in relationships tend to lead a healthier lifestyle, they’re more inclined to put on weight.

The team from Central Queensland University, had each person answer questions about their lifestyle. These included; their status as a smoker or non-smoker, how much fast food they ate, their alcohol consumption, daily intake of fruits and vegetables, how much TV they watched and their levels of physical activity.

The researchers found that when it came to physical activity and the amount of television people watched, the results were more or less the same whether you were single or in a relationship.

Ironically, the study found that people in relationships made healthier lifestyle choices, on average the researchers found people in relationships smoked less, drank less alcohol and ate healthier.

But despite the healthier lifestyle choices, people in a relationship were more likely to be overweight.

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So why are couples fatter than single people?

It looks like while those in relationships are more likely to eat healthier, they are also more likely to eat more. From dates to the average weeknight meal together, romantic activities are often scheduled around a meal.

On top of this, the whole notion of letting yourself go while in a comfortable relationship, seems to be fairly accurate. Research has previously shown that couples are more likely to be overweight if they are married or have been living together for 2 years or more.

This is most likely due to the fact that we tend to associate our weight with our appearance, which becomes less important as we settle down with someone.

If you’re married with kids? You’re in the category of most likely to be overweight, and not because you are spending most of your time taking care of your children. Researchers point the finger again at the AMOUNT of food you will probably be consuming.

All the lunches and snacks parents make for their kids often go half-eaten, which means parents then tend to nibble on the leftovers throughout the day.

There you have it; yet another benefit of singledom, and another reason to watch how much you are eating when you’re loved up.

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