The stronger your legs, the bigger your brain – fact.

An incredible study has proven stronger leg muscles make the brain bigger, giving you more brain power.

Great legs are the sign of a great brain according to a 10 year study.

The study by King’s College London was conducted over 10 years.

It found that in 324 healthy identical female twins examined over a 10-year period, leg power was a better indicator of brain health than any other lifestyle factor tested. The benefit of using identical twins in this study is that, genetically, they are identical, so any differences between them are easy to attribute to specific lifestyle factors.

By measuring the strength of the twins periodically over 10 years, then testing their mental capacity and brain changes over the same period, scientists were able to find strong links between the strength of their leg muscles—an indicator of how much physical activity they engage in—and their cognition.

We already know that exercise is good for you, both on the physical side of things and the mental ( This is just further proof that physical activity should be a priority for everyone.

Here are some simple ideas to get you up and moving:

1. Walk to work ( ): cut down on transport costs and walk to work, either partway or the whole way.

2. Try Yoga in your living room ( ): easy exercise without leaving the house.

3. Join a local sports team ( ): make new friends while you’re exercising.

4. Join a group fitness class at your local gym: group fitness is better for motivation as well.

5. Any physical activity is better than none: even if you only do 10 squats before breakfast, it’s a great place to start.

6. Get a dog! We’ve talked before about how great dogs are at kick starting your fitness regime ( )

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