Improve your posture in 3 simple steps

Poor posture is something we develop at a  young age and worsens over time.

Posture effects the way you feel and come across in every aspect of your life.

The easiest way to improve posture, stand taller and look thinner is by conquering these three basic steps.

Strengthening your Core
Good posture begins with a strong core, including abdominals, obliques and the lower back. A strong core allows the body to move with greater efficiency, keep better balance and holds the body upright.

Simple exercises that lead to a tighter core: 

  1. Basic crunches
  2. Plank hold
  3. Russian twists

Pulling back Round Shoulders
Round shoulders are caused by hours hunched over a desk, watching television, driving a car or completing repetitive activities in the same position. By leaning forward in a hunched position for so much of the day, the muscles in the chest, shoulders and hips become tight and shortened, whilst the muscles in your upper and middle back weaken.

Exercises that stretch tight muscles

  1. Torso stretch
  2. Standing quad stretch
  3. Standing chest expansion

Exercises that strengthen the upper back

  1. Seated row (exercise machine) or Dumbbell bent over row (weights)
  2. Lat pull down (exercise machine)

Neutralising Tilted Hips
Hips should sit neutral and level. However, some people have hips that tilt forward, which is caused by a weakness in the hamstrings, glutes and abs. A tightness in the hip flexors and thighs also often leads to tilted hips and is a common problem for people who spend most of the day sitting at a desk with their legs bent. An easy way to tell whether you have tilted hips is checking whether the waistband of your pants sits higher at the back, above your butt, then the front. If so it is important to rectify this, therefore tucking your butt in and showing a straighter silhouette when viewed side on.

Exercises to neutralise hips

1. Core exercises (listed above)
2. Bridges (weighted or unweighted)
3. Gluteus and hamstring stretches

Lucy Bortolazzo

Lucy is a journalism graduate who feels most at home when wandering the streets of foreign cities. She has a passion for design, travel and everything food, and uses the excuse “I’m curious” to explain just about everything.

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