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The stronger your legs, the bigger your brain – fact.

An incredible study has proven stronger leg muscles make the brain bigger, giving you more brain power. The study by King’s College London was conducted over 10 years. It found that in 324 healthy identical female twins examined over a 10-year period, leg power was a better indicator of brain health than any other lifestyle factor […]

Getting Over Your Relationship

Getting over a break-up is never easy, but we have some tips on how to move on – fast. Lying in bed with a tin of Milo listening to Someone Like You on repeat isn’t something that comes highly recommended. But there are things you can do to help yourself let go of your past […]

Fall in Love – Your body needs it.

Falling in love can effect your body in ways you wont even know about. From dumbing you down to making your heart  skip a beat, love has physiological effects beyond our imagination. Here are five more reasons to fall in love.  1.     Love makes your heart skip a beat Whether it’s to slow down or […]