The secrets to a fabulous life

Sydney lifestyle guru Bahar Etminan has penned the ultimate makeover guide.

Sydney business woman and mum,Bahar believes in good skincare.

The stunning author has brought together Sydney leaders in each field to give the latest and best advice on everything from fashion to fitness and beauty. Bahar spoke to Bondi Beauty.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges women face today?
Thinking that we have to have it all and do it all. I think since turning 40 I have finally got the memo that you can indeed have it all, but not necessarily all at once. The immense pressure of trying to be perfect is a very challenging mindset to overcome.

Oprah talks a lot about aha moments. What have been the aha moments in your life?

That you don’t have to be in a relationship to feel fulfilled and secure was a big realisation for me. I think personal fulfillment can have many different forms and shapes. Having my own business, being a mother and being a good friend are all completely fulfilling roles for a modern woman.

What has been your biggest personal challenge?
I nearly went bankrupt during the 2008/09 Global Financial Crisis. It was a completely stressful, humbling and life changing experience. I learned so much about my own ability to bounce and think clearly. I also understood very clearly what I needed to strengthen in my personality, my knowledge and my approach to life. Without this challenge, I would never have launched as a publishing business.

How do you deal with failure and do you think it is important for all of us?
I have truly learned more from failure than from success and I believe it is essential in building resilience, humility and empathy.

Your new book has so much amazing guidance and information for women, what do you feel are the 3 most important elements for a woman to address to change her life?
I think the foundations for a happy and fabulous life are wellbeing (emotional and physical); financial security and for a woman, being and feeling attractive are all important and valid elements. I do believe in the life affirming power of beauty.

You talk about being an immigrant – how has this effected your life’s journey?
It has given me empathy toward other people, a filtered, multi-cultural view of the world and a genuine appreciation for how good we have it in Australia. I’ve been practicing gratitude since I was 7 and first came to live in Australia. I think I love and appreciate things more deeply than if I had never known an alternative reality.

What about single motherhood, who do you cope with running a successful business, having a daughter and all that goes with it?
I have a great support team and I ask for help. My ex husband and I have a lovely, mutually respectful partnership. We are collaborative and we help each other.

My parents travel every single week from Canberra to help me with school pick-ups and occasionally when I have work commitments and events. I have outsourced all domestic tasks such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, washing so that I can use this time to do school drop offs and pick ups, play dates and quality time each and every day with my daughter.

In my book, there is a worksheet and interview with my life and business coach Dr Fred Grosse on the diary of an ideal day. It’s so good to track where you day/ life goes and to ensure you plan in all the things that matter.

What are the five things you cannot live without in your life?

  1. Good skincare. I really love taking care of my skin.
    2) Breakfast at Rose Bay regatta with my daughter every weekend.
    3) Calling my mum every day
    4) Time with good girl friends
    5) Reading a good book before I go to bed
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