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Aussie actress, mother and radio presenter Kate Ritchie chats about her daily beauty routine, and how it’s evolved.

Having been in the media industry for over thirty years, Kate is one of Australia’s most loved personalities. Now, the face of  skincare brand QV, she always looks fresh-faced and vibrant.

So, how does a mother, radio presenter, author and actor maintain such a healthy beauty routine?

“A very important piece of advice; which has served me well over the years, is do not pick your spots or you will leave permanent scaring on the skin.”

The skin is one giant cell, and when you pick at blemishes it can send your skin into shock as the process is rather traumatic for the cells as they attempt to regenerate the damage.

“I drink LOADS of water, when I don’t feel like water. This helps me maintain moisture and hydrate dry skin. I do drink coffee, but not too much. If you drink too much it will dehydrate the skin and this can lead to many skin irritations and problems.

“To protect my skin against free radicals, sun, wind and other harsh environmental factors, I use a moisturiser which has a high SPF 30. It gives you piece of mind that your face is always protected.

Kate’s mornings start early and most of her days are spent inside with an air-conditioner or heater running. Such an environment is hard on anyone’s skin.

“If you spend hours in an air-conditioned or heated office place, there are ways to protect your skin from drying out. Don’t hit the snooze button in the morning.

I get up as soon as the alarm goes off. This way I get the spend the time needed in the morning to pay attention to my morning skincare routine, eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of water (or tea) before I’ve even stepped out of my house.”

Kate’s morning routine for clear and vibrant looking skin throughout the day starts with a facial cleanse to wash out any dirt and dust collected in the pores throughout the night.

She then follows with a rich skin moisturiser for her face and her body, which keeps her well hydrated throughout the day. Kate’s fave product for the face is QV’s Face Moisturising Day Cream with an SPF 30 to help protect against any type of weather or environment conditions; warm or cool.

“If I could have only one tip it would be to use sunscreen every day! You only have one chance to treat your skin right and considering the harsh UV rays in Australia, using SPF daily is an absolute must!”

Eye cream is a must for both day and night. Kate says this help on those days when you wake up looking tired, even after a good night’s sleep. this hydration boost under the eye area stops fine lines from showing and makes makeup application in that area a lot easier and looks smoother.

Whilst on the go, travelling or at work Kate also keeps a lip balm handy for re-application throughout the day. This keeps her lips nice and hydrated and protected and keeps lips smooth for any lipstick application when needed.

At night, Kate will always give her a skin deep cleanse to remove any excess oil, dirt and makeup from the day. She is often seen carrying around cleansing wipes also, for those emergency cleanse situations which arise between projects in the day.

“Cleansing wipes are a great way to cleanse my skin when I’m time poor whilst travelling. I often use them when I’ve left a shoot and my makeup is heavier than what I’d prefer whilst I’m in the radio studio.

And without fail, I always take my makeup off at the end of day and usually as soon as I walk in the door.”

If time is on Kate’s side (#mumlife) she will wash and dry her hair with a Paul Mitchell Shampoo and conditioner, and once a week soothes her hair with an Argan oil treatment to cure those pesky dry ends.

Since becoming a mum Kate’s beauty routine has become more simplified whilst still giving her skin the love and care it needs. Which means making sure she has balanced routine of eating good foods and exercising mixed in with a good skincare routine.


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