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Cleaning Makeup Brushes? It’s a Cinch.

Cleaning makeup brushes? It’s a cinch. Most Aussie women either don’t know they have to, or don’t know how to clean makeup brushes. Anything that comes in contact with skin on a regular basis should be kept clean to avoid the build-up of bacteria, dead skin cells and oil. Breakouts in skin occur when bacteria […]

Hemp: Your Secret Beauty Ingredient?

Hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, which are brilliant for moisturising your hair and skin. The oil helps to preserve water and moisture in the skin and hair, whilst proteins found in Hemp also helps to build up the natural strength of cells which boosts the overall health of your skin […]

Which Face Oils Work Best For Your Skin Type

We know what you’re thinking ‘why on earth would I want to use oil on my skin?’ We get it, but not all oils will cause breakouts or leave you feeling oily. Dr Rebecca Tung; chair of the Division of Dermatology at Loyola University in Chicago says ‘The key to using oils on the face, […]

Natural Beauty Products We Use & Love

‘Natural Beauty’ is looking beyond the buzzword and finding products that put their money where their beautifully painted mouth is. Not every beauty brand that claims to be ‘Natural’ actually is. Products that don’t have all the nasties such as parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or silicone’s is what you should be looking out for in ‘real’ […]

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