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It’s time to tan. Here’s how to get it on quickly and easily.


Summer has come early in Sydney this year.

The first few tans of the season are important, as you don’t want to go too dark, streaky or too orange, and it’s great to be reminded of just how fabulous you can look with the right tan.

Here are five insider tips for tanning in summer 2015/2016:

  1. Your first tan should be a professional spray tan.

They only cost about $40, and early in the season are often discounted, but the first 1-3 tans should be  a professional one before you get used to where you need extra tan, where it rubs off first, how heavy you need it, what is the right colour for you and so on.

2) Have tanning products at the ready from the Get-Go.

Even if you have a professional tan you will need to top it up, and a foam, cream or ultimately a spray on tan will be perfect if some rubs off, and you need  gentle top-up.

3) Bondi Sands Tanning Oil

We were sceptical too, as this product sounds odd, but it is revolutionary for tanning. It is a dry oil, so you rub it on in the same way you would a regular tanning product, making sure you don’t miss any bits and going easy on your knees and ankles, but within minutes you can get dressed ( not in white) but most other colours are ok. You wash it off later. Smells fresh and summery, and doesn’t run off, but leaves a stunning brown tan. (Bondi Sands Liquid Gold $19.95

4) Creams Vs Foam.

The truth is foam tans set faster ( than cream products) but they do dehydrate you skin more. So if you have time, a cream is preferable, but if you are in a rush, use a foam, just moisturise loads the next day, especially on hands and feet which dehydrate the fastest.

5) Keep it real

We’ve all been guilty of going too dark too soon or just using too much tan too early in the season. Remember you don’t want to look fake, so go lightly, gently, and start with a caramel tone, and move darker as the sun gets warmer.

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