Our favourite (free)! health and fitness apps.

There’s nothing better than an app that works and that’s free. These are the top 10  Bondi Beauty team favourite health and fitness apps.

The right app can impact your life for the better in seconds.

With these apps,  personal trainers, health tips and workouts are at your finger tips.

The top 10 apps as noted by the BB girls:

  1. My fitness pal – track your healthy eating goals with this handy app that allows you to view the nutrient contents of your daily diet, calorie intake and allows you to input your exercise
  2. Lorna Jane – this handy app uses GPS to track your walk/run/ cycle routines. Telling you the total calories burnt, distance covered and your average pace.
  3. Ab exercise – stuck for ideas on how to work your core? This app provides you with numerous exercises that will be sure to work your core in a minimal amount of time. There are numerous levels to choose from depending on the time frame you have and your level of fitness.
  4. Butt exercise – this app is the same as the above mentioned ab exercise app, but it targets your booty to keep you toned and tight.
  5. Nike training club – 85 free workout plans at your finger tips, it’s like having a portable personal trainer
  6. Simply yoga – with the option of 20, 40, or 60 minute sessions this app provides you with a personal yoga instructor that you can easily take anywhere.
  7. FIT radio workout music – lost for inspiration? This app provides you with tunes to pump you up and get you through your work out
  8. See me Get Fit – for those wanting to lose weight this app is perfect. Not only does it measure your diet and exercise efforts daily, you can input your weight, measurements, BMI and upload photos of yourself. Thus meaning that even if the scales aren’t budging, you can still see some results happening.
  9. Slim down shopping list – nutritionists at women’s health are making it easier to complete a healthy grocery shop. The team of nutritionists listed 240 items which are packaged goodness for a future flat tummy.
  10. Pedometer – installing a pedometer app into your smart phone can make walking a certain amount of steps each day seem like a fun challenge, if you have an active job turn it on and leave it in your pocket to ensure those extra steps are not a wasted effort!

By BB Intern Brooke Davie

What is your favourite health & fitness app?


  1. We love our phones. A lot. They do pretty much, like, everything. They take pictures, shoot video, play music, run games, and about a million other things.


    But the most exciting development yet is how our phones are helping us get in shape. Sure, mobile apps allow us to fling exploding birds at green pigs, but they also help us run faster, get stronger, eat smarter, and connect with people around the globe.

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