75 Things To Do In Lockdown Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Relaxing in the bath with a glass of wine.

A lot of people are starting to complain about nothing to do whilst in lockdown, but here are some practical things to keep you occupied;

  1. Write a gratitude list (I keep mine in my phone so I can refer to it regularly)
  2. Start writing a diary
  3. Make Your Own Face Masks In Your Kitchen
  4. Make Your Own Bath Bombs
  5. DIY Cleanser and face scrub
  6. Or order a box full from Lush to pamper yourself.
  7. Change the colour of your hair in one wash
  8. Go through ALL of your make-up and throw all of the old products
  9. Start writing weekly food planners. This will save you money and make getting healthy very easy.
Healthy brownie shoot
Indulge in some healthy brownies during lockdown .
  1. Make our low sugar brownies (you wont regret it)
  2. Bake a Cake
  3. Follow some new food bloggers and cook up a new recipe
  4. Introduce a protein powder to your diet to help lose weight, and stay strong.
  5. Clean Your Make-up brushes
  6. Master your own at-home workout
  7. Go vegan for a week with your household – the benefits are huge and they even say it gives you better sex.
  8. Try some vegan beauty products
  9. Give your skin a skin detox – no products of any sort of 4 days and nights.
  10. Try an armpit detox.
  11. Start taking collagen powder to improve your skin, hair and nails.
Candle set up in lounge room
Light your favourite scents at home during the current lockdown.
  1. Try a fitness supplement to get better results from your workout.
  2. Use those luxe candles you have been saving for a rainy day now
  3. Same goes for your best fragrances – now is the time to indulge yourself,
  4. Clean out your wardrobe during lockdown and make a pile of clothes you no longer wear
  5. Sell those clothes online
  6. Jump on this program to rejuvinate your skin in 90 days
  7. Go through some healthy eating plans and switch up what you are eating.
  8. Have a make-up free day
  9. Try these yoga positions for better skin.
  10. Then master sex-proof make-up
Minimalist closet
Clean out your closet once and for all.
  1. Try and master a face oil – they can do wonders for your skin, especially in cool weather
  2. Write a list of the restaurants you want to go to when things re-open
  3. Master better sex with exercises to boost your sex drive
  4. Binge watch TV – and don’t feel guilty about it. Lets face it, there has never been a better time.
  5. Try applying lashes – you finally have time
  6. Try a lash serum
  7. Master Tik Tok during lockdown to help pass the time and have a laugh
  8. Try a colouring in book, many say it reduces stress during anytime let alone a lockdown
  9. Write a letter to an old friend (or to anyone really)
  10. Try jade rolling (you can order jade rollers online)
Minimalist bathroom setup
Enjoy a quiet moment, creating your very own at home luxury day spa.
  1. Have a whole day at home giving yourself an at-home spa (let others in the household know in advance).
  2. Learn to read skincare and make-up labels.
  3. Go booze free for a month.
  4. Fill the freezer with healthy, home made soups
  5. Go through the photos on your phone and delete as many as you can
  6. Order some new books online (make sure they are coming from within Australia) or they may not reach you.
  7. Investigate some natural ways to ward off the flu
  8. Consider a decision detox.
  9. Change your cleanser as it is getting colder.
  10. Try a magnetic face mask.
  1. Cull your social media following – it could even help your mental health.
  2. Consider buying a Fitbit to ensure you are getting enough exercise
  3. Watch some new beauty bloggers
  4. Try out new make-up looks from beauty bloggers (one every few days).
  5. Put fresh flowers in the house (or have them delivered)
  6. Try some new hair products to boost hair health.
  7. Start a herb garden
  8. Watch a movie with healthy snacks
  9. Write a bucket list
  10. Work on becoming a morning person ( in your own time). Especially now that daylight savings has finished.
London travel journal and a cup of coffee
Create a journal for your 2021 travel plans.
  1. Do a stretch class online
  2. Drinking a touch too much? Try a charcoal detox to reduce toxins.
  3. Plan a holiday for 2021 you have always dreamed of
  4. Treat yourself to the Ayla pink clay mask and see what all the fuss is about.
  5. Consider switching up your diet to include some super foods that actually feed your skin.
  6. Or add in some healthier choices to feed your hair.
  7. Jump online and have some fun working out your lifespan
  8. Master creating curls with your GHD.
  9. Assess your financial position and make some future finance goals to put you on track for a better future
  10. Download some apps to support your mental health
Pancakes minimalist aesthetic display
You finally have time to make pancakes on a weekday, instead of waiting for the weekend. Enjoy.
  1. Try fasting – many people say during a time when they feel out of control, it is giving them a feeling of control.
  2. Indulge in home made pancakes for breakfast. any day of the week, and master this critical and indulgent breakfast staple.
  3. Make a video talking about this crazy moment in time, how you are dealing with it, and where you hope to be this time next year.
  4. Sign up to Double Bay’s Shelter online to do classes and get a daily boost ( they are getting amazing global reviews).
  5. Try a plant based diet and get fab vegan food home delivered in one thanks to Soulara. (We tried it and it is GREAT).
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