A make-up detox. How long do you keep your cosmetics?

Are you using the same eye liner from high school? Change your life and your look with a make-up detox.

Are you discarding your eye shadows after six months? You should be.

Bondi Beauty has put together a guideline to the lifespan of your beauty products, to help you figure out what you should throw out and when. Although all brands and products are made differently and with different ingredients that react uniquely, these guidelines are a basic tool to help you keep your look clean and fresh as well as hygienic.

When was the last time you went through your makeup bag or bathroom cupboard and detoxed your beauty products? Can’t remember? You’re not alone, we all tend to accumulate makeup, perfumes and other beauty products as we go.

But how long is too long when it comes to keeping beauty products? It can be hard to keep track of all the pieces involved in your beauty routine, but while you’ve forgotten about last month’s mascara, it’s sitting in your cupboard losing effectiveness by the day, and starting to grow potentially harmful bacteria.

3-5 weeks.

Your loofah and razor should be swapped within five weeks of being bought. To prolong its lifespan and keep it hygienic try drying your razor after each use.

3 Months

Your toothbrush, acne cream and mascara should be changed four times a year. Pumping your mascara wand to get more product on it actually dries it out which effectively creates a breeding ground for bacteria that causes sties and pink eye. Creams containing benzoyl peroxide ( such as acne creams) can start losing their effectiveness after 3 months.

6 Months

Make up sponges, liquid eyeliners and some liquid eye shadows should last you up to six months. Things that are water based or used with water frequently are at a higher risk of growing bacteria as water is a great breeding ground.

1 year

If you haven’t already used up any liquid foundations, lipsticks, eye liners and creams, now is the time to do so. Anything you apply using your hands or fingers is at a higher risk of contamination because of the bacteria your hands pass into the jars.

18 months

Concealer, lip gloss and nail polish can all last up to 18 months. These products use less water and in doing so fend off more bacteria. However, after 18 months the effectiveness of these products will decrease leaving you with clumpy nail polish and dried up lip gloss.

2 years

We hope it’s been less than two years since you’ve replaced your deodorant and toothpaste. If you haven’t then throw them in the bin immediately. Powders and perfumes can join them if you realize they’ve changed colour, scent or consistency. Tip: Try keeping your perfume in the fridge for a longer lasting smell.

3 Years

The good news is you can hang onto your favourite makeup brush for up to three years. The other hero survivors in your bathroom include your lip balm (they will last longer if unopened, as will most products), sunscreen, moisturizers and mouthwash.

This timeline is only a guide. All products are made differently so keep an eye out for a change in smell, colour, look and consistency – a good rule of thumb is to throw away products that change in any of these ways.

By BB intern Dominique Tait

How long have you kept your favourite makeup product?


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