The Easy Way To Read A Lot More Books

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How and why to listen to your books through your phone.

OK so I am a bit late to the party, but it doesn’t make the life changing step to audio books any less amazing.

I have always loved reading. I grew up reading, and even now in the internet age, it is not unheard of for my twins and I to spend an hour or two of an afternoon sitting in silence each reading our books. (And by books, I mean actual paper books, not kindle).

And I have had a kindle for some years, but I never took to it. Yes, it is handy when travelling, as it avoids the weight of a book or two in my luggage, but it lacks the touch and experiential vibe and emotion of a real, paper book.

Renae at The National Library in Canberra last weekend.
Renae at The National Library in Canberra last weekend, where the joy of reading an actual book is still a pleasure.

So when a friend suggested audio books, I wasn’t keen, but like everything new, I thought it can’t hurt to try it once.

And I was pleasantly surprised as it has enabled me to read so many more books, and so quickly. I can walk and read, cook and get the gist. And all through my phone, which makes it super easy.

I can use my headphones, or not.

The best part is there are many, many audio books on you tube to listen to free. Yep, free.

Many have different readers, male and female, so if a particularly accent or voice tone doesn’t work for you, you can easily switch to another. You Tube holds my place from one reading to the next, so I simply open the app and press play and voila, off we go again. (I have you tube premium and this feature may not work if you don’t).

Each book varies in time according to its length, obviously, but most are around four hours plus. Which really isn’t all that long.

Another fabulous part of audio books is you can change the speed and make them read faster, so it takes less time. You can speed it up to 1.2 or even 1.5. Genius.

Yes there are apps you can sign up to, to download every single book imaginable, but for a budget, and until you are convinced this will work for you, log onto you tube and start listening.

And you can always go back to the old fashioned way from time to time like I did last weekend in Canberra at The National Library in Canberra.

Renae getting back to basics in the Canberra reading Room at The National Library.
Renae getting back to basics in the Canberra reading Room at The National Library.

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