Top Four Exercises to Boost Your Sex Drive

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Low libido A.K.A low sex drive can be a huge issue for women who are just wanting to have hot sex however many don’t realise the cure is waiting for them at the gym.

Sex drive is important for natural vaginal lubrication during sex which ultimately creates a better sexual experience for everyone.

Libido can be affected by a multitude of issues including medication, physical medical conditions, relationship issues, poor mental health or an overall unhealthy lifestyle.

Although having a low sex drive could just mean tonight’s not the night, women who regularly experience it can find it quite frustrating when they are longing to be in the mood.

Here are three top exercises proven to heighten a low sex drive.

Weight Lifting

Group of women weight lifting. Image by Bruce Mars from Unsplash.

While testosterone is normally the hormone associated with men’s sex drive, it turns out that it is actually quite important for women’s sex drive as well.

Weight lifting produces testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual arousal.

Lifting weights naturally steadies the sympathetic nervous system, calming the body down to make it easier to pick up on sexual cues.

The amount of testosterone produced during this workout has been proven to increase sexual libido in women.

A 2014 study conducted by Dr Tierny Lorenz from the Kinsey Research Institute in Indiana discovered that a 20-30 minutes weight lifting workout can trigger a longer-lasting feeling of sexual arousal for participants.

The window of sexual arousal can in fact extend for up to 90 minutes on average.

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Kegel Exercises

Girl looking down wearing gym gear. Image by Pexels from Pixabay.

Kegel is a fancy word for vaginal muscle strengthening.

The actual exercise consists of contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor to strengthen them.

This repetition of squeezing increases muscle tone as well as directing energy flow to the pelvic region.

In doing Kegels, sexual arousal can increase instantly as all concentration is going towards the vagina.

The exercises are discrete and can be done practically anywhere.

A set of Kegels before sex especially, can encourage sexual blood flow for women and is known to stimulate a stronger orgasm.

News site WebMD recommends doing a set of 10 Kegels, two to three times a day.

Like most exercise, the key to seeing positive results is consistency.

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Woman performing Yoga pose. Image by Lindey Frances from Pexels.

Stretching in Yoga stimulates an energy flow.

It is responsible for slowing the heart rate and increasing mindfulness.

A major benefit of Yoga is reduced stress.

Stress produces high levels of cortisol and can cause a significant drop in testosterone, the hormone in charge of sexual arousal.

By engaging in Yoga, the body is in tune with the mind, making it easier to pick up on sexual cues as you have more control of your body.

For women, it targets several elements of sexual function such as sexual desire, sexual arousal, satisfaction and finally orgasms.

Dr Cindy Meston and Amelia Stanton’s research found that blood flow has a strong link to arousal levels.

A variety of poses in Yoga specifically promote blood flow circulation in the pelvic region.

Here are 3 libido-heightening Yoga poses:

The Eagle Pose

Woman performing Eagle Pose. Image by Burst from Pexels

Tree Pose

Woman performing Tree Pose. Image by Burst from Pexels

Reclining Hero Pose

Woman performing Reclining Hero Pose. Image by Burst from Pexels

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