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At Bondi Beauty, we receive a lot of e-mail asking for tips on how to get healthy, how to lose weight and how to make healthy eating easier. Finally I have a really simple suggestion.

Soulara is the latest food delivery service to land in Sydney, and I enjoyed a week’s worth of deliveries last week.

Home delivered food has (finally) started to take off in Sydney.  Whether it is a delivery of raw food with recipes and carefully measured ingredients to cook at home or pre-cooked food, having someone else do the shopping and the thinking holds a lot of appeal.

Soulara Home Delivery Service

New York and London got into the trend a few years ago, but it took healthy eating Australians a while longer, as we were reticent to accept that this food being delivered is actually clean, healthy and good for you.

But having plant-based food delivered in Sydney takes it to a totally new level. This is food and meals packed with superfoods, healthy ingredients and plant power.

My children and I recently watched the Netflix movie Forks Over Knives.  We are a family who eat a lot of meat, so we were all surprised when we found ourselves deciding to give a plant based diet a go for a week. But plant powered nutrition is not as easy as it may look.

It was fun until about day four, when I ran out of ideas. Creating tasty plant based food when you are unaccustomed to doing so is difficult and time consuming. So Soulara is such a great way around it – and a way to educate yourself and your family about the diversity of dishes you can create that are actually good for you.

Soulara Home Delivery Service

They deliver juices, kamboucha, ready made meals you can freeze including paleo dishes, detox bowls, protein balls, and the main meals are all in easily freezable and re-heatable packs. So it is pre-coooked, AND delivered.

Food includes coconut dahl, chia pudding, soups, soba noodles, and everything is gourmet and delicious. Meals are designed by chefs an nutritionists. Even my 11 year old twins liked it.

With such a huge amount of evidence about the positives of a plant based diet, (check out our story claiming vegans have better sex), this is worth considering. And the price is reasonable, particularly given how easy it can make your life.

FYI I am not being paid for this editorial – this is what I really think.

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