Sex Proof Makeup

There’s nothing worse than when you finally decide that tonight is the night with that special someone, you apply a gorgeous sultry eye, you do the nasty and then check yourself out in the mirror afterwards and realise you’ve gone from beauty to the beast.

Your lipstick has smudged, your mascara has run, and all your perfectly blended foundation has melted off.

We all know makeup can have a mind of its own when you sweat. In the same way that you use certain products in the summer or at the gym it’s understandable that you might need to switch up your makeup routine in the bedroom.

Try this makeup look that will keep you feeling sexy from start to finish…

The Base:

The first step to any radiant look is a glow-from-within base and that comes from a good primer. The M.A.C Strobe Crème (RRP $56) acts as both a moisturiser and a luminizer that will help boost the look of dull skin, giving you that morning after glow on the night.

The next step is a natural looking foundation that stays put. The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (RRP $60) is just that. It covers any blemishes whilst still looking like skin and won’t rub off on your sheets. Add your favourite mineral powder and your skin will look flawless all night long.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Different foundations work for different skin types, and we road tested them for you. Click here to find out more.


Get the bronzed goddess look with an easy three-step process of bronzer, blush and highlighter. The trick is to make sure each product has a bit of shimmer in it.

For that reason, you can’t go wrong with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer (RRP $80).

A few swipes of this stuff on your forehead and cheekbones will give you the impression that you’ve already been kissed… sun kissed that is.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer

Add a light touch of a blush to give the impression you’re slightly flushed and dust your favourite highlighter on the high points of your face to ensure you’ll be glowing (even in the dark).


They’re called bedroom eyes for a reason, and the trick to making them pop is not overdoing it. Throw a nice bronze shade like the Mojave Eyeshadow Quad by Nars (RRP $80) through the crease and add a pop of shimmer to the inner corner of the eyes. If you’re feeling bold, smoke out a brown eyeshadow from your lash line to create a sexy, sultry effect that won’t smudge when you inevitably work up a sweat.

Nars Eyeshadow Quad in Mojave
Nars Eyeshadow Quad in Mojave

Last but not least pop on some waterproof mascara. Why not try out the Too Faced Better Than Sex waterproof formula? (RRP $37) It seems only fitting.

Although the ultimate in sex and sweat proof lashes are lass extensions which last six to eight weeks.


Don’t make the mistake of a dramatic lip, as it’s only going to come straight off or transfer onto your partner or the sheets. Forego any lipstick or lip gloss (this can just get sticky) and opt for a nice lip balm instead. Maybe try a flavoured balm like Lip Smacker (RRP $8.49) to give the other person a nice surprise when you first lock lips.

Tara Mckenzie

Like many of Bondi Beauty's readers, Tara has two main passions; health and beauty. As a group fitness instructor you'll either find her dripping in sweat during a HIIT class or with a full face of bronze makeup. If you meet Tara in person be prepared to act excited as she tells you all about your star sign and why you should start carrying a rose quartz around in your purse.

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