Does Your Skin Need a Detox?

does your skin need a detox

Melbourne-based Skincare Therapist Gry Tømte from Norway says yes.

Gry’s journey as a skincare professional started when she was in her mid-twenties. She had just moved to Australia from Norway when her skin began to break out. It progressively got worse where she ended up having a very long relationship with acne for over ten years.

However, if it wasn’t for this struggle Gry never would have designed her life around skincare and eventually opening up her very own skincare clinic in Melbourne called HÜD (pronounced ‘who’d’ and is Scandinavian for Skin).

Gry focuses on long-term approaches to skincare, rather than quick fixes, working with clients who have a variety of different skin types and concerns, so they can achieve great skin for life, not just for a short period of time.

“Having a real connection to your purpose is so powerful. My own skin journey is what drives me in what I do and how I run my clinic.” She says.

Gry moved from her home country Norway twenty four years ago. One week before she was due to fly back home, she met her now-husband and has been happily married ever since, with two furballs (huskies) Ziggy and Halow.

After spending some time working out of home in a small clinic as a beauty therapist and skincare specialist, Gry decided after several years of treating clients everything from brows to skin and between at home, she needed to find a space away from home, where she could focus soul on skincare and treating a range of clients for a variety of skincare conditions.

“I found quite possibly the ugliest, most run-down property in St Kilda – in what was the least happening neighbourhood in the bayside suburb. Even the landlord tried to talk me out of buying it, because every surface you touched literally crumbled…. But the place had good bones, was large enough to expand down the track if we needed to, and right outside a set of traffic lights.” Gry says.

Lit indoor room with chairs and a fireplace.
Gry opened up her very own skincare clinic in Melbourne called HÜD.

“5 years on, we’ve doubled in space, gone from a team of 3 to a team of 15, won multiple awards and have just built an awesome place to work, connect and change lives. We have the best team we’ve ever had, and this year is shaping up to be the most exciting yet.”

With her extensive knowledge on skincare and skin health, Gry believes everyone can benefit from a skin detox.

“Your skin is a mirror of what’s happening on the inside. Start your detox internally and work your way out. At HÜD we are huge believers in gut health being the root cause of all skin- evils, so it makes sense for us to start people on Regul8 digestive tuneup and essential fatty acids.

We also frequently refer to our resident naturopath. In clinic, treatments like DMK Enzyme Therapy work with the body’s own lymphatic system to remove toxins and effluvia from in between the capillary loops and the cell walls in the skin.

Think of it like a washing machine for your skin. So even though we remove dead cell material on the surface with peels, remember to make sure to look after the internal skin function too.” She says.

blonde woman with red lipstick wearing black against white background
Skincare Therapist Gry Tømte – can you believe she is 48 years old? Simply stunning.

“Everyone’s skin type and concerns are so different, so we would usually treat this on a case-by-case basis. The best detox would be to find the right prescription for you and begin a new, long-term routine that is focused on your skin’s overall health. An effective skincare routine calls for personalised prescriptions.”

She also says, keeping your skincare routine simple will also help you stay on track. And this goes hand in hand with what you’re putting into your body also.

“Some skin types call for more complex routines, while others can cruise through with the basics. For instance, challenging skin conditions like acne typically need a few more products because there’s a fine balance between treating the blockages in the follicle and keeping the barrier nice and healthy.

Acne is really sneaky, so especially those clients who can’t come into the clinic very often have to outsmart the acne at home. Which means during the day we focus on hydration and controlling the oil, and at night we power pack the skin with vitamins. Vitamin A that is.”

To start your skin detox journey, here are Gry’s top tips for clearer, healthier skin in 2020:

  • A gentle non-stripping cleanser,
  • A hydrating serum which contains Betaglucan or Niacinamide and Vitamin C,
  • A peptide moisturiser with brightening and barrier repairing functions,
  • A nightly dose of a combination Vitamin A product is a must,
  • And always use a great broad-spectrum SPF.

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