Cleaning Makeup Brushes? It’s a Cinch.

Cleaning makeup brushes? It’s a cinch.

Most Aussie women either don’t know they have to, or don’t know how to clean makeup brushes.

Anything that comes in contact with skin on a regular basis should be kept clean to avoid the build-up of bacteria, dead skin cells and oil.

Breakouts in skin occur when bacteria and dead skin cells become trapped in the pores and massaging a bacteria-laden brush into the skin will drive bacteria in to the pores.

Makeup products that contain hydrating components, such as primers, concealers and foundations, all provide the right conditions for bacterial growth.  

Makeup bushes should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week, however if heavy makeup is used and applied with the same brushes every day, cleaning should be more frequent.

 We discovered a new type of brush cleaner which is a quick, effective brush cleaning kit that caters for all brush sizes. 

It’s called the Style Pro Brush Cleaner, and a few drops of the cleaning formula to the bottom of the bowl is all that is required to clean a full set of brushes in minutes.

Why Should Makeup Brushes Be Cleaned?

Acne Prevention

The use of makeup brushes means the collection of oil, dead skin cells, dust, and anything else that clings to skin; all of which will build up on the makeup brushes. Every time a dirty brush is used, a combination of oil, dirt and bacteria is being applied to the skin. The continued use will cause blockage of pores, which may lead to breakouts. 

Longer Lasting Brushes 

Cleaning makeup brushes and removing bacteria, dirt, dead skin and oil, will preserve the quality of the brush, therefore making them last longer.

Better Makeup Application

Build-up of product on makeup brushes will detract from future makeup application. Cleaning makeup brushes regularly will allow for continued flawless application due to the removal of old product which may have prevented brushes from performing at full capacity. 

Maintain Brush Quality

Dirty brushes become more abrasive and drier due to the build-up of old product and bacteria from the skin. Cleaning makeup brushes regularly keeps them soft, which will prevent any damage occurring to the skin. 

Avoid Germs

Makeup brushes are a haven for bacteria. By using dirty makeup brushes, any skin that comes in contact with the brushes will be tainted, as well as products.

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