How Using Face Oil Saved My Skin



I never could have imagined using a face oil would save my skin.

Firstly, I’ve never had terrible skin. Though I am prone to having a very temper-based skin type. Meaning, when I am stressed my skin is dry when I am menstruating my skin is oily and if I eat gluten, I break out.

With a skin type like mine, you just never know what you will wake up with, and my mother was exactly the same. Even when she was over forty, her skin was temperamental. A gene I have apparently inherited from her, so it seems.

Before I embarked on my beauty writing journey, using a face oil was never on my radar. Although I have what you would call a combination skin type, most of the days throughout the year my skin is more oily than anything, so of course, why on earth would I want to use any type of oil at all on my skin.

However, gone are the days where using a face oil on oily skin can make you break out, increase the oil or cause any other skin concern for that matter.

It took a lot of convincing (two years to be exact), where I would believe any industry expert, who told me using an oil on my skin may just be exactly what I need to help achieve my best skin yet.

Yes, even after many experts in the field of skin (including my personal skin therapist who I get micro dermabrasians with every month) was telling me I would really benefit using a skin oil of some type every morning and especially at night before bed.

But, what would they know! It’s my skin, right? I’m the one who has lived with all these years and in my head, I told myself, they may be experts in their fields, but I know exactly what my skin needs and it ain’t a face oil.

But boy, how wrong was I.

It wasn’t until I attended a beauty launch for Youth to the People two years ago, where they released an incredible new face oil, which was the Maqui + Acai Prickly Pear Goji face oil (RRP $62), I truly began to understand the concept of a face oil and how you can really benefit from using one.

Though I should add a disclaimer here, depending on your skin concern, some oils are not good for your skin and you should always use the right one for different issues.

For example, if you have excessively oily skin prone to breakouts, then stay away from oils containing avocado, coconut or Shea butter oils, as they are pore clogging. Use light oils instead which will cleanse and nourish the skin to help balance oil and even reduce any acne scarring and the production of new blemishes. These oils, like the Essano Superfoods Turmeric Face Oil (RRP $12) are generally extracted from fruits and veggies, so lighter in texture and base for the skin.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the oil by YTTP (Youth to the People).

After hearing all about this new super elixir of oils for the skin at the launch and learning how your skin can benefit from using it, I went home that night and used a face oil for the very first time. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous prior to application, as I wasn’t sure how my skin would react. After cleansing and exfoliating, I applied a light face serum and then followed with the oil, before finishing with a light night moisturiser.

By the way, this isn’t a plug for the brand YTTP. However, I feel I owe it to the brand to make mention how their oil literally changed my life and why I now can’t live without applying face oil every morning and night. Whether it be their oil or from another brand, my introduction to using face oils with them, so therefore they can have the credit.

A few hours after applying IT my skin felt the most nourished it had in years. For anyone who doesn’t have oily skin, here’s a little education for you. Having oily skin doesn’t always mean your skin is well hydrated. Often oily skin can feel very undernourished and very dry.

By morning my skin was glowing; something which normally only ever happens after having a micro treatment with a collagen facial. It was soft and when I moisturised after cleansing, my skin easily absorbed all the products I was using without leaving any oily residue; which was a common occurrence for my skin type and not a reflection of any products I was using.

Makeup applied better and skin stay hydrated in the day, without any dry bits of skin forming in sensitive areas of the face, often triggered when applying any type of foundation. I was seriously impressed.

After a month of using the face oil, any blemish scaring I had had faded, dry spots which often forms during that time of the month had disappeared and although I am still prone to the occasional excess oily residue on the skin, which is often the result of eating the wrong types of foods, my skin’s oil is completely balances and I no longer look shiny in photographs (when I forget to apply a finishing powder over my liquid foundation).

Two years on and my face has had some serious changes from life, my age and other environmental impacts from living in a city. And whenever I feel something isn’t right with my skin, the colour is off, the tone isn’t right, or dry spots have begun to form. I cleanse and exfoliate right away and finish with a rich face oil, normally high in vitamin C.

And guess what? Those industry experts were right. Face oils really did save my skin.

My Favourite Beauty Product of the Week:

Biologi Organic Rosehip Oil RRP $28

Speaking of face oils, I thought I would also make mention to my top face oil beauty product of the week, being the new Biologi Organic Rosehip Oil. The texture of this oil is smooth and smells amazing, dried quickly and makes a great alternative to using a moisturiser at night.

I’m loving this oil for its hydrating qualities. Not only does your skin reap the benefits of the rosehip, as the oil has been unrefined in the process, essential vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E are also in this oil. Meaning, your skin also receives healthy antioxidants and an anti-aging boost to help combat fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin concerns.

At night, after exfoliating, apply a generous amount all over the skin, blending into the neck line as well. It only takes a minute to soak in and dry, and you’ll find there’s no oily residue left over after applying. No moisturiser needed, my skin feels so soft and well hydrated after using.

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