This New Shampoo Changes The Colour Of Your Hair In One Wash

This new shampoo from London changes your hair colour instantly – in one wash.

Colouring your hair can be high maintenance.

Dyed hair can demand maintenance, with follow-up appointments at the salon necessary to maintain the colour and brightness of the hair, usually within 4-6 weeks of the first treatment.

The Infuse.My.Colour shampoos by My.Haircare London offer a solution to regular salon visits, with an at-home way to maintain the brightness of hair colouring.

It can even be used to change the colour of the hair within one wash.

The 100% vegan, PETA certified, and paraben free Infuse.My.Colour shampoos were created by London hairdressers Rob Forgione and Denis Kovalyov, who have more than 20 years combined experienced in the haircare industry and are regulars at Paris and NYC fashion weeks.

Designed three years ago in the UK, the pair saw the limited number of products available to keep dyed hair looking salon fresh.

 Denis Kovalyov and Rob Forgione, creators of Infuse.My.Colour

“The shampoos were created because our clients were frustrated with experiencing fade two weeks after their salon visit,” creator Rob said.

Infuse.My.Colour was born, a range shampoos that prolongs the time needed to revisit the salon for a colour touch up.

By adding pigments to coloured hair through a cationic process, the colour can be maintained as it creates a greater colour resistance by the dye molecules binding to the already coloured hair.

Available in a range of colours, including Ruby, Cobalt, Copper, Gold and Platinum, each shampoo is designed to maintain the brightness and coolness of dyed hair, while neutralising unwanted colours.

It can also be used creatively for a non-permanent colour change, which completely fades in five washes. Using the Ruby colour on bleached blonde hair creates a fun “candy floss pink” colour, while applying the Cobalt to bleached hair builds strong mint green tones.

Ruby, Platinum, Cobalt shades (L to R)
Copper and Gold shades (L to R)

For Rob and Denis, a key consideration in the making of Infuse.My.Colour was creating a cruelty free product, formulating the shampoos to be 100% vegan and sulphate, silicon and paraben free.

“We just wanted to make something ethical minus suspicious ingredients, and personally we cannot stand when animals are harmed for cosmetics,” Rob said.

Bondi Beauty writer Zoe Bradbury was invited to TVSN to try these new colour-changing shampoos first hand.

Bondi Beauty writer Zoe Bradbury on TVSN with Infuse.My.Colour creator Denis

Creator Denis applied the Ruby, Copper and Gold shampoos to my hair, applying it in sections to creating a layered effect of different colours.

In just one shampoo, the colour of my hair had changed completely – now it was darker, with warmer tones.

Behind the balayged blonde hair was fairy floss pink sections leading into rose gold colours, creating a fun multi-toned look that only lasts for five washes.

I was hesitant to change my hair to such a different colour – but the appeal that the colour would fade within 5 washes gave me the confidence to try something new, and I gave the Ruby pink colour a try.

Before and after – colour change in one wash

The first difference about this shampoo to a normal product was that it felt a lot more luxurious and ‘salon-like,’ like a treatment I would receive by a hairdresser.

Applying a decent amount to the palm of my hand, probably double amount of normal product, as per the instructions, I lathered the shampoo and spread it throughout my hair. I had to ensure I applied the product evenly, so the colour would have a smooth application.

I left the shampoo in for a maximum of five minutes, and then rinsed. I then applied the Infuse.My.Colour sealant Treat Conditioner before drying my hair.

My hair felt soft and light, and the colour was definitely brighter, and the shades of my hair were different.

Infuse.My.Colour is a perfect solution for a non-permanent colour change, and an ideal way to prolong visits to the salon.

Zoe Bradbury

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