I Tried a 7-day Armpit Detox

7-day armpit detox with kind-ly

To help me transition from mainstream deodorants to natural ones, I did a seven-day armpit detox with Kind-Ly and the results were amazing.

If you’ve ever tried to transition from mainstream deodorants to more natural ones, you may have noticed some funky changes under your arms. From strange smells, possible rashes and even itchiness. I hear ya sisters, the struggle is real when it comes to making the switch.

When I first tried going from mainstream to natural deodorant, it wasn’t pleasant. I noticed a sickly sweet smell coming from under my arms. I didn’t know if it was my underarm clearing out all the crap which had build up in the pores of my underarms over the years, or the natural deodorants not working. But it was enough to make me ditch the natural deodorant and go back to mainstream after only a week of making the switch.

Time and time again, I kept switching to natural deodorants and always I would find myself reaching for the mainstream again, after a week of dealing with the same sickly-sweet smell coming from under my arms. I assumed the natural deodorants were not working.

I knew if I could make myself go past the week, the smell might go away. But I just wasn’t willing to risk it. I was uber conscious of everyone around me, wondering if they could smell what I was smelling. Without finding a solution to my problem, I eventually gave up.

Recently I saw a wave of influencers all on Instagram posting pics of them wearing clay under their arms. Researching what it was all about, I found out it was a specially formulated clay mask by natural deodorant brand Kind-Ly created for the underarms, to help detox the glands and pores for fresher underarms, resulting in an easier transition from mainstream deodorants to more natural ones.

I was SOLD right away. So, I tried seven-day armpit detox and the results were amazing.

The core concept of giving your armpits a detox is to cleanse the pores under the arms of all the excess build caught up around the glands in this sensitive area. The problem is, like me, not many people make it past the seven days, as the detox period (like any other detox) can be hard and often results in you returning to old habits.

Powered by Activated Charcoal, Australian Bentonite Clay and Colloidal Silver by Kind-Ly works to magnetically draw out impurities, clear the skin and most of all assists in your transition from mainstream deodorants to natural deodorants.

The detox clay by Kind-Ly is vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made and owned and made from one hundred percent organics ingredients which have been perfectly blended with essential oils such as lemongrass and ginger. Divine. So, not only does the clay work to cleanse the pores of the underarms, it smells great too.

If the idea of smearing clay on your under arms doesn’t sound appealing at all, I get it. I had the exact same thought, but I was also intrigued as to how it would feel and of course what the results would be like.

The clay is easy to apply and doesn’t feel as strange on the underarms as I thought it would. You squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips and apply evenly to clean under arms, so after a shower is best. Chill for ten to fifteen minutes, until the clay has dried and then use warm soapy water to wash off.

If you have time in the morning, I do recommend using the armpit detox right after a morning shower. Or if you aren’t a morning shower person, you can always wash with some warm soapy water first and then apply and let it dry whilst you have your morning coffee or breakfast. Which is what I did.

I also had the Kind-Ly natural deodorant which I wanted to try, to complete my whole experience of detoxing my underarms with a goal of ditching the mainstream deodorants. Which is why I chose to detox my underarms in the morning, rather than at night. And the results were incredible, I was so surprised at how quickly my armpits were able to detox with the assistance of this detox clay.

I have finally made the transition to natural deodorants, it’s been over a month now and I have never looked back. Seriously. I also use the armpit detox once a week to maintain the health of the pores of my underarms.

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Cleansers beware, this new micellar water is going to give any cleanser a real run for its money. It’s loaded with nourishing ingredients like Blue Agave derived from the Agave Tequilana succulent plant in Mexico and was used by the Aztecs for hundreds of years as the ultimate remedy for and cure for a variety of skin conditions and wounds.

What I love most about this new product by Biore, is the cooling texture of the micellar water when applied to the face. After a long day of being out in the Aussie heat, when your makeup has literally melted into the skin, the cooling liquid micellar water not only removes all the dirt, makeup and grime, but also cools the skin and replenishes.

This product is a real winner for me, on the days where I am too tired and too hot to stand in the bathroom, spending time on a five or six step cleansing skincare routine.

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