December 21 Is The Biggest Spiritual Day Of 2020.

Australian Spiritual Teacher Linda Willow Roberts says December 21 is a huge day for humanity, as the biggest shift in the world’s spiritual energy will occur today.

Whether you believe in spiritual healing, energy or forces other than the ones we traditionally recognise and acknowledge, given the year we have had, spiritual healers are certainly interesting to acknowledge right now, at the very least.

Spiritual Teacher Linda Willow Roberts says the pandemic is the best thing to have happened to our global and individual psychological and emotional wellbeing.

She has been a psychic medium for over 30 years, and has worked on her natural abilities to be a full-time healer and spiritual guide.

“December 21 is a huge day for humanity, as Jupiter and Saturn will be in a square for the first time in 400 years,” she says.

“This brings us into the (astrological age), the age of acquarius, and yes, that is what the song from the stage musical Hair is all about. The age of acquarius is believed to bring harmony, sympathy and trust.

The aquarian age is all about your highest good, and your higher purpose. We all need to ask ourselves: ‘why am I on earth? what am I here to do?’, and then go live the life you are supposed to live. Covid and this pandemic has helped bring this notion to a head.

Everyone has gone back to basics. We all have so much more compassion for our neighbours. Our experiences in 2020 have flipped that switch.”

Spirituality is key to a balanced life, and making positive decisions.

Linda says today, on the 21st of December 2020 we should work out what it is we want from life (eg peace/love/success) and manifest or focus on it during that day.

“Manifestation is all about emotion. It is one thing to have a vision of what we want, but the feelings are the critical element.

This is the perfect time to shift things, and a lot of the shifts are about karma. A way to look at it is today is our last use for this year.

Look at how far you have come in your life and then adjust and look forwards – how does this make me feel?”

If you want to take it a step further, Linda says it is the perfect day to open yourself up to your own spirituality and personal growth.

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Listening to our gut and our body’s reactions rather than making cognitive choices is key.

She says all of us have a level of intuition and gut feel, but some of us have more than others, and some of us work on it more than others.

“It is like any other muscle in the body – you have to work on it to bring it out,” she explains.

The first step to developing our own spiritality is to start regularly writing a grimoir or feelings book to work through your spirituality. Within this book she says we should write our feelings or draw images that come into our mind.

“We are our best personal crystal ball. When you trust the universe 100%, the universe will match your energy and your lessons. The words and images you write in your grimour start to allow your energy to unfold and be seen, and start to allow you to trust the universe.

We can’t outsource our happiness, it has to come from within. Spirit helps us find the gap in the game, but it can take time.

A grimour can help connect us to that spiritual side of us. Get out of your head and go back into your heart. We are mind, body and soul. Our heart connects us to everything.

When we are in our head we are not listening to the other parts of us. “

She says this can often be seen in romantic relationships:

“If someone is not where you are at (in terms of a relationship) , there is a lesson to be learned – when the lesson is done, that person will remove themselves from your life.

The universe is doing that. This is a classic example of really needing to let go and trust the universe is doing it for your own good. Decisions in romantic relationships should largely be made on feel, so the heart, not the head.

We’ve then got to make sure communication is coming from a place of love. Miscommunication can cause a huge amount of anger and frustration within all relationships.”

Letting go and manifesting is key to spirituality.

So whether your are evolved to a point where spirituality is a part of your life or not, there is no doubt meditating and manifesting today is a good idea.

Consider where you want your life to be this time next year, and who you want to be beside you on the journey and meditate, manifest, then let go.

Click here to book a one on one with Linda.

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