It’s time to switch your cleanser



A change of weather means it’s time to change your beauty products, especially your cleanser.


Loreal’s Micellar cleansing water is being hailed by make-up artists as a life saver, as no water is required.

 The most important of these is your cleanser, as often it is the only product you use twice daily, so the product you use most on your skin.

1- Skin is usually dryer in winter and oilier in summer, so a creamier cleanser can help reduce dryness and ultimately dehydration and even fine lines and wrinkles.

2- Your skin can adjust to your products over time, so changing them can reinvigorate your skin as new ingredients take effect.

3- Your skin can be more prone to breakouts in winter, so changing your cleanser can prevent this.

4- Your skin is not as exposed to the sun and usually you wear less sunscreen on your face in winter, so you don’t need a strong gel cleanser.

Check out Bondi Beauty’s video on the latest cool weather cleansers:


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